Single Pair Ethernet

Single Pair Ethernet

Two wires – unlimited opportunities

Single Pair Ethernet is the new standard of smart network communication.

Single Pair Ethernet stands for parallel, high-performance transmission of data and power via Ethernet through a single double wire via Power over Data Line (PoDL).

This new network technology makes a consistent IP communication and power supply possible, even within complex industrial applications or in IoT solutions. The standardized SPE connector system from Phoenix Contact offers almost unlimited options for efficient and space-saving system cabling.

Your advantages

  • Continuous: Single Pair Ethernet enables a uniform, Ethernet-based communication from the sensor to the cloud
  • Future-proof: key technology for Industrie 4.0 and IIoT
  • Integrative: reduced cabling effort, thanks to the use of existing cabling infrastructures
  • Flexible: ranges of up to 1,000 m and transmission properties of up to 1 Gbps enable the use across applications
  • Innovative: reduced weight, space requirements, and installation effort

Single Pair Ethernet technology

The evolution of 4- and 8-wire cabling systems into simple and secure single-pair cabling has begun – resulting in Single Pair Ethernet.

Since the 1980s, Ethernet has been the leading communication and network protocol in LAN applications and it is constantly advancing into new areas of application. It enables the seamless transmission of information via TCP/IP and is viewed as the application-neutral communication protocol for local IoT networks. Its unique compatibility between new and old generations is the basis for the future Single Pair Ethernet.

Consistent solutions for cabling

Standardized connector patterns as a basis for future-proof network communication  

Standardized connector patterns as a basis for future-proof network communication

Standardized pin connector patterns form the basis for the barrier-free networking of the most diverse components, cables, and connectors. Here, Phoenix Contact makes decisive progress with the development of a standardized pin connector pattern – from the IP20 to the IP6x connector. In the long run, SPE will replace classic serial bus systems. Use a multifunctional pin connector pattern from the office to the sensor.

Pin connector pattern according to IEC 63171-2  

Pin connector pattern according to IEC 63171-2

According to IEC 63171-2, the M1 I1 C1 E1 pin connector pattern has been developed for building cabling. This pin connector pattern makes it possible to connect up to four times more devices with existing passive infrastructure. This standard is often used with office buildings.

Pin connector pattern according to IEC 63171-5  

Pin connector pattern according to IEC 63171-5

For industrial applications, also during harsh field use, the M2/3 I2/3 C2/3 E2/3 pin connector pattern according to IEC 63171-5 gained acceptance. The pin connector pattern can be integrated into all conventional and standardized connector variants.

The MICE abbreviation describes the external conditions of an Ethernet interface.

  • M = mechanical robustness
  • I = IP properties
  • C = chemical and climatic resistance
  • E = electromagnetic safety

Your key partner for smart connectivity

Phoenix Contact is your key partner for the integration of Single Pair Ethernet, from the device interface and cabling to an active network component, from sensors in the field to the PC in your o­ffice. Being a pioneer in the field of digitalization, Phoenix Contact is developing a comprehensive product portfolio.


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Single Pair Ethernet

The key technology for the Industrial Internet of Things.

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