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Intelligent management of charging stations

Optimize the operation of your charging infrastructure with EV Charging Suite.

EV Charging Suite is our scalable software solution for your charging management. It optimizes the operation of your charging stations, ensures their availability, and enables flexible expansion. It forms the interface between the electric vehicle driver, backend provider, power grid operator, and charging park operator.

Your advantages

  • Integrated load management system prevents costly failures and ensures availability
  • Easy startup, configuration, and monitoring via web browser
  • Intuitive touch operation for the electric vehicle driver at the terminal
  • Future-proof and flexible with scalable licenses and the easy addition of new charging points
  • Low installation and configuration outlay with pre-installed industrial PCs

Good reasons for charging management

Employee parking garage with charging points  

Application example: employee parking garage with charging points

With the increasing number of electric vehicles on our roads, the demand for charging options is increasing. The trend is towards larger charging park lots with short charging times.

The planners and constructors of such charging parks are faced with the challenge of ensuring the optimum charging power for each charging point with the limited on-site mains connection. At the same time, safe, highly available operation must be ensured, taking other consumers and generators into consideration.

EV Charging Suite enables you to meet these requirements.

Intelligent distribution

Three charging park lots, among which the available connected load is distributed  

The available connected load is distributed in accordance with configurable rules

The EV Charging Suite integrated load management system ensures the optimum distribution of the available connected load to all charging points, in accordance with configurable rules.

This prevents the building or home connection from becoming overloaded, which would lead to the main breaker tripping. Furthermore, this enables you to avoid significant surcharges that could be incurred if the contractually agreed maximum power is exceeded.

EV Charging Suite therefore ensures that electric vehicles are charged as needed, that the building or home connection is optimally utilized, and that the availability of the charging stations is increased.

Convenient control

Control center with monitors for controlling and monitoring a charging park  

Controlling and monitoring the charging park via web browser

Your charging park can be started up, configured, controlled, and monitored via a web browser. You can therefore use a regular PC in your control center for this, and you can also perform remote maintenance tasks via a tablet or smartphone.

You can use the web interface to manage users and charging points, as well as to authorize charging procedures. Comprehensive status and diagnostic data is clearly visualized for each charging point and can be exported to other programs for further processing.

Tailored user roles for system operators, service technicians, and operating personnel provide the suitable rights for all tasks.

Charging made easy

The charging point is selected at the terminal  

At the terminal, the driver selects the desired charging point

Customers of your charging park, i.e., electric vehicle drivers, are led intuitively through the process at the central terminal via touch screen, from authorization through to completion of the charging process.

The customer is billed precisely based on consumption via the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), which the software uses to communicate with the backend provider.

Future-proof investment

Setting up new AC charging stations  

New charging points can be added easily in the software

You can purchase graded software licenses for 10, 30, and 50 charging points to suit the size of your charging park. New charging points can be added easily via web interface, without having to reconfigure the entire charging park.

If, in the event of significant expansion, your existing license is no longer sufficient, you can purchase an inexpensive upgrade license for 30 or 50 charging points. This enables you to invest for the future effectively and develop your charging options flexibly.

Clever connection

Emalytics building and energy management system  

Energy flows between generators and consumers can be optimized using an energy management system

As an option, the EV Charging Suite can be connected to a building and energy management system such as Emalytics. All generators and consumers can be optimally coordinated through the integration of real-time data.

For example, this enables you to charge electric cars in an environmentally friendly way using renewable energy, while simultaneously ensuring that enough energy is reserved in the building for other consumers.

Start up straight away

Industrial PC with touch screen and installed EV Charging Suite  

EV Charging Suite is available pre-installed on suitable industrial PCs

On request, the EV Charging Suite can also be supplied pre-installed on a Valueline industrial PC, which serves as the central touch screen terminal, for example. This enables you to reduce your installation and configuration outlay.

The Valueline series is designed for outdoor installation and is also easy to read in strong sunlight. The hardware performance is tailored to the system requirements of EV Charging Suite.


We will be happy to advise you and discuss your project-specific requirements with you.


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