Potential distributors

Potential distributors


Suitable for universal use – For operating voltage or control voltage distribution.

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You don't have to search long: whether for operating voltage distribution or control voltage distribution – potential distributors from Phoenix Contact are designed for up to 250 V/30 A and are therefore a versatile solution. Select between a screw connection or a Push-in connection, in accordance with your requirements.

Your advantages

  • Comprehensive collection of signals due to several potential levels
  • Clear separation of potentials thanks to separate supply for large conductor cross sections
  • Clear assignment of connection terminal blocks, thanks to consecutive marking
  • Potential distributors are a part of the COMPLETE line system

Potential distributors with power supply

Potential distributors with power supply  

Distribute control or operating voltage efficiently

A wide variety of potential distributors are available for splitting the control and operating voltage. The different potential levels and the connection terminal blocks make flexible use possible.


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