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We offer technology for the electrotechnical tunnel infrastructure that guarantees safety, availability, and cost-effectiveness.

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  • Connection to the supervisory control room
    Connection to the supervisory control room

    Phoenix Contact enables you to securely connect and easily control your tunnel structures from higher-level control centers.

  • Drainage

    Phoenix Contact supports you in controlling your tunnel pumping stations in a cost-effective and targeted way.

  • Energy supply and power distribution
    Energy supply and power distribution

    With Phoenix Contact, you always have a reliable partner by your side who can deliver a secure power supply and consistent power distribution for tunnel applications.

  • Industrial network technology
    Industrial network technology

    Phoenix Contact provides a wide selection of powerful network components, which you can use to create a high-availability Ethernet network for your tunnel application.

  • Lighting
    Tunnel lighting

    Phoenix Contact has a comprehensive range of options for controlling your tunnel lighting.

  • Safe applications
    Safety in a tunnel

    Safety-related solutions and technologies from Phoenix Contact allow you to create a reliable monitoring and safety system for your tunnel.

  • Surge protection
    Surge protection in a tunnel

    With an effective surge protection concept from Phoenix Contact, transient overvoltages in tunnels can be reduced to an absolute minimum.

  • Ventilation
    Tunnel ventilation

    Phoenix Contact provides reliable automation solutions for the energy-efficient and cost-effective operation of your tunnel ventilation system.

Road, rail, and subway tunnels have a crucial role to play in the development of an efficient and sustainable mobility system. Large-scale increases in transportation capacity in ever more complex structures call for smart automation solutions where the focus is on urban mobility and the safety of road and transport users.

Phoenix Contact is a reliable and experienced partner, who can work with you to turn even challenging tunnel automation projects into a reality – from the control technology as the central element, the connection of sensors and actuators, and surge protection through to a comprehensive safety concept.

Overview: tunnel subsections

Overview: tunnel subsections


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