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Intelligent street lighting Digitalizing urban lighting

Intelligently controlled street lighting brings more safety for road traffic and provides greater convenience for maintenance. At the same time, it still saves plenty of energy and protects the environment.
You can make urban lighting systems more efficient and take the first important step towards a smart city with our solution for smart lighting management.

Illuminated street with intelligent street lighting

In addition to switching over to LED technology, intelligent street lighting provides enormous potential for energy efficiency

Intelligently controlling public lighting

The lighting of public traffic areas ensures safe, attractive, and livable surroundings for all citizens. However, lighting streets and squares also consumes a lot of power.

Location- and situation-dependent administration of the lighting infrastructure extends the service life of the luminaires and reduces the maintenance needs of street lights. Safety and visibility in urban areas is significantly improved by targeted lighting activity. At the same time, carbon emissions are reduced and light pollution is curbed.

Finding a solution together
You too can get the most out of your lighting system. We will work with you to develop tailored concepts and solutions for your individual lighting concept.
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Man at a computer operating software for intelligent street lighting
Smartphone with service app for commissioning the lighting control devices

Simplified remote administration of the lighting infrastructure

Control over the street lighting network

Keep an eye on your lighting infrastructure across the entire life cycle. As a system integrator or installer, benefit from complete remote monitoring, administration, and control of the lighting via a single web portal.

You easily gain remote access to the lighting control devices through the service app. The user-friendly Luminaire Start app helps you use your cellular device to commission, test, and locate the devices and transfer the data to the light management system.

Control of the light level of street lights

Calendar and event-based lighting scene switching for individual street lights or groups

Profile-dependent light scenarios

Flexible dimming profiles for individual street lights or a group optimizes light availability. Depending on when and where the light is needed, you can dynamically design the light level adjustment depending on brightness, traffic, or the presence of people.

Custom lighting profiles can be assigned to each individual lighting group for crosswalks, main and side streets, and squares, for example. Lighting clusters based on astronomical calendars, luminous intensity sensors, or motion detectors are quickly created using light management system functions.

Man at a computer operating software for intelligent street lighting

An overview of the status and error messages of individual luminaires at a glance

An inside view into status and performance information

Receive comprehensive status and output information from measurements and calculations of each single luminaire whenever you require. This provides you with key insights into energy consumption and potential for saving energy. With the system’s diagnostic function, service technicians can localize defective luminaires directly in the street lighting network.

Particularly in situations where the street lighting network is widely distributed, this function reduces inspection trips and lowers energy costs. If the control device has a communication malfunction, an automatic fallback strategy based on internal calendar entries ensures seamless operation.

Smart Street Lighting

Can be used for upgrades to existing systems or the realization of new projects: Take the first key step towards a Smart City with the Smart Street Lighting intelligent lighting solution. Smart Street Lighting is supported by state-of-the-art communication technologies such as LoRaWAN and cellular communication.

The combination of smart control and communication components and an open, safe light management system allows you to have full control over the city-wide lighting infrastructure. With it, you can digitalize your lighting infrastructure with universal lighting control devices, without being limited to a single supplier.

With the light management software, you control light points individually, locating and conveniently bringing them into operation. You can also analyze and optimize your entire lighting network. Thanks to the open system architecture, you can use the Smart Street Lighting solution directly in the cloud, or we can work together to integrate our services into your existing infrastructure.

Environmental sensor technology in the Smart City

Street lanterns are the perfect location for installing intelligent city systems

Smart City and IoT integration

The networking of intelligent lighting systems creates the perfect platform for Smart City and IoT applications. In the future, multifunctional street lanterns will take on key tasks in a communicatively networked city. Alongside public WLAN, they supply data on air quality and traffic flows or act as e-charging stations.

For example, street lanterns equipped with environmental sensors can collect data on movements, weather, and traffic volume. With the help of the light management system, the data is transferred via open interface (API) to municipal and institutional data platforms, where it can be usefully linked and analyzed.

Easy integration through openness Our open system architecture promises you a future-proof solution to the connection of IT and automation applications that satisfies the wide range of requirements of the urban lighting infrastructure.

Smart Street Lighting system architecture

Whether as a cloud or on-premises solution, you can monitor and control automated operation via your own web service access to the Smart Street Lighting software. With API connectivity, you can also easily integrate your preferred data center

LoRaWAN-based lighting solution

As a forward-looking wireless technology, LoRaWAN is the first open standard that is on its way to prevailing in the urban context. With the LoRaWAN-based lighting solution, cities are upgrading their street lights with LoRaWAN control devices (LCUs) and using them to effortlessly control luminaire brightness – regardless of the manufacturer. Open LoRaWAN gateways ensure secure data transmission from luminaires to the light management system in the LoRaWAN network.

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LoRaWAN-based street lighting solution system structure

LoRaWAN product portfolio


Wireless communication-based lighting solution

Would you like to modernize your existing system and switch your existing street lighting via the conventional cellular network (4G, 5G, etc.)? Our automation system equips you for communication via standardized remote control technology – even across a widely distributed street network. The signal exchange between street lighting distributors and SCADA systems is continuous. The signaling and control device takes over activation of the individual light strips. Night and half-night circuits and separate circuits for crosswalks are easy to implement.

Mobile cellular communication solution system overview