Unmanaged Switches

Unmanaged Switches

Flexible and reliable

Standard functions, variable number of ports, and various designs. These are all features of our Unmanaged Switches.

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Unmanaged Switches from Phoenix Contact provide an easy and inexpensive introduction to Industrial Ethernet. Depending on the application, Phoenix Contact offers various Industrial Unmanaged Switches with a wide range of functions: From the 5-port switch with basic functionality to the Power over Ethernet switch and 19″ versions.

Your advantages

  • Wide range of media and connection options with up to 24 ports
  • Entirely suitable for continuous operation in industrial applications – due to the high level of immunity, robust housing, and wide temperature range
  • Safe operation: Fast diagnostics, signal contact, and redundant power supply with certain versions
  • Gigabit versions for high data throughput
  • Power over Ethernet versions for easy cabling of end devices and PDs

Unmanaged Switches for basic and standard applications

1000 and 1100 series Unmanaged Switches in different mounting positions  

1000 and 1100 series Unmanaged Switches in narrow design for installation on the DIN rail

Our 1000 and 1100 series Unmanaged Switches feature a narrow design and are ideal for basic applications. Available with 5, 8, or 16 connections, and also with fiberglass interfaces, these devices prove popular in applications involving both a small and large number of network devices.Select models also include SFP ports, providing greater flexibility for customers, dependent on their application, connection, and distance requirements.

The Quality of Service functionality and multicast filters like PTCP improve data traffic prioritization in PROFINET and EtherNet/IP™ networks. These features help stabilize your network and increase your system availability. With Gigabit and Jumbo Frame support available in certain versions, applications with high bandwidth are also supported.

Our patented mounting adapter allows multiple mounting positions using a single accessory. This means that you can mount the devices flat and adapt the port outlet direction as required.

Unmanaged Switches for harsh ambient conditions

SFNT Unmanaged Switches for the DIN rail  

The robust SFNT DIN rail switches have an extended temperature range

The SFNT series Unmanaged Switches are specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of the oil and gas industry, shipbuilding, and other outdoor applications. These industrial-grade switches can be used at a temperature range from -40 to +75°C. Up to 16 ports, a redundant power supply, and a maximum of two FO ports provide added switching reliability.

Unmanaged Power over Ethernet switches

Unmanaged PoE Switches for the DIN rail  

The 1000 series Unmanaged Switches are optimized for Power over Ethernet applications

The 1000 series Unmanaged Power over Ethernet switches transmit data and power over a single cable. This allows the easy and cost-effective cabling of powered devices (PDs) such as PoE-capable cameras. The PoE switches are available in various port designs and conform to the IEEE 802.3at standard.

Also, new galvanically isolated variants provide extra protection for wider installation flexibility.

Unmanaged Switches for applications in the field

Particularly robust Unmanaged IP67 Switch  

The new IP67 Unmanaged Switch

The Unmanaged Switch version 1600 (Fast Ethernet) and 1700 (Gigabit) are the ideal choice for applications in which the switches are to be mounted on the field level where they are not protected by a control cabinet. With IP65/IP66/IP67 degrees of protection, the devices are particularly resistant to environmental influences. The innovative M12 connection technology with push-pull fast locking system also ensures that they are easy to mount while providing a high level of robustness against mechanical strain.

Utilizing the same filtering and protocol prioritization as the FL SWITCH 1000 series provides a uniform network experience from the field, across the network.

Unmanaged Switches with 19″ design for rack mounting

Two Unmanaged Switches with 19″ design  

Unmanaged Switches with 19″ design for space-saving and efficient data communication

The 1800 and 1900 series Unmanaged Switches are ideal for use in computer centers and control rooms. Featuring 24 RJ45 ports, the 19″ switches have a high port density and are available as Fast Ethernet switches or Gigabit switches. The space-saving industrial-grade switches have a height of one rack unit and are operated with alternating current.


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