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You will find the ideal operator panel that meets with your hardware and software requirements here – high-quality, reliable, and flexible.

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Optimally tailor your operating concept to your machine or system. Cost-effective automation also means efficient input and monitoring. Whether directly on site or centrally in the control room, whether high performance or multifunctional – it is you who determines the features of the HMI devices from Phoenix Contact.

Your advantages

  • Easily scalable with identical software version for all variants and performance classes
  • User-friendly with preconfigured hardware and pre-installed software
  • Flexible controller connection with pre-installed drivers
  • Efficient multi-user operation with server-client architecture and web connection
  • Robust and durable with the aluminum front
  • Wide range of services for tailor-made solutions
  • HMIs are part of the COMPLETE line system

Three steps to finding the optimum HMI solution

Whether in the central control room, in production, or directly on the machine, efficient automation requires the right visualization. And visualization requirements determine which HMI device is the right one to choose. The optimum solution can be found by following these three steps:

HMI selection process  

Find the right HMI in three steps


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