Surge protection for measurement and control technology - CT 10-18FSR+F/PE-24 2807939

LSA-PLUS plug (COMTRAB CT 10) with coarse/fine surge protection and decoupling resistor for 18 signal lines - GND and GND - PE coarse protection. Nominal voltage: 24 V DC. Version: 10 double wires.

This product needs further products for operation. Mandatory Accessories

Product Details

Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature (operation) -25 °C ... 75 °C
Degree of protection IP20

Max. discharge current Imax (8/20) µs 5 kA
Cut-off frequency fg (3 dB), sym. in 600 Ω system 750 kHz (typ.)
Output voltage limitation at 1 kV/µs (line-earth) spike ≤ 60 V (a, b)
Direction of action Line-Signal Ground/Shield & Signal Ground/Shield-Earth Ground
Cut-off frequency fg (3 dB), sym. in 150 Ω system 2.5 MHz (typ.)
Cut-off frequency fg (3 dB), sym. in 50 Ω system 6 MHz (typ.)
Resistance per path 22 Ω ±10 %
Residual current IPE ≤ 1 µA
Maximum continuous voltage UC 40 V DC
28 V AC
Surge protection fault message none
Capacity (Core-Earth) 1.1 nF (1 MHz a ... b)
Residual voltage at In (line-signalground) ≤ 85 V
Residual voltage at In (conductor-conductor) ≤ 85 V (a-b)
Total discharge current Itotal (8/20) µs 10 kA
Rated current 140 mA (25 °C)
Max. required back-up fuse 145 mA
Input attenuation aE, sym. 1.8 dB (Typ. up to 1 MHz / 50 Ω)
0.6 dB (Typ. up to 400 kHz / 150 Ω)
0.2 dB (Typ. up to 60 kHz / 600 Ω)
Operating effective current IC at UC ≤ 5 µA (18x)
Nominal discharge current In (8/20) µs (line-line) 5 kA
Output voltage limitation at 1 kV/µs (line-earth) static ≤ 650 V
Response time tA (line-earth) ≤ 100 ns (a, b)
Response time tA (line-line) ≤ 1 ns (a-b)
Nominal discharge surge current In (8/20) µs (Core-Earth) 5 kA

Mechanical data
Open side panel No

Dimensional drawing
Height 22 mm
Width 111 mm
Depth 68.5 mm

Color black
Housing material PBT
Flammability rating according to UL 94 V0

Mounting type On CT-TERMIBLOCK and LSA-PLUS disconnect strip

Connection method can be plugged into COMTRAB-TERMIBLOCK and LSA-PLUS disconnect and switching strips

Standards/specifications IEC 61643-21
Standards Information technology specification
Standards/regulations IEC 61643-21
IEC 61643-21
Air clearances and creepage distances
Standards/regulations VDE 0110-1

Surge protection fault message none
Arrester can be tested with CHECKMASTER from software version: From SW rev. 1.00
Type LSA-PLUS module
IEC test classification C1

Order Key 2807939
Packing unit 1 pc
Minimum order quantity 1 pc
Sales Key 074
Catalog Page Page 107 (C-6-2013)
GTIN 4017918075415
Weight per Piece (including packing) 134,5 GRM
Weight per Piece (excluding packing) 1,3 GRM
Customs tariff number 85363010
Country of origin DE


REACh SVHC Lead 7439-92-1
China RoHS Environmentally Friendly Use Period = 50 years
China RoHS For details about hazardous substances go to tab “Downloads”, Category “Manufacturer's declaration”

Your advantages

Space-saving due to compact design
Flexible fields of application with modular protective plug
Can be used in LSA-PLUS disconnect and control strips or CT-TERMIBLOCK via adapted connection technology