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For 100 years, Phoenix Contact has been working with customers and partners to develop innovative products and solutions that get things connected. In doing this, we are opening up value-adding processes all over the world and empowering a future worth living for everyone.

We can do this because we connect people and technologies.

It is our conviction that innovation can only succeed by connecting the right people at the right time. So that many persons become one team. So that ideas mature into innovations.

At Phoenix Contact, I have always been fascinated by the willingness and ability of the company for further development and change. This is especially true now, as we seek to contribute to the most pressing issues facing humanity as we move toward a sustainable future.

Frank Stührenberg - Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, CEO

We connect people and technologies

Innovations, solutions, and friendships are created through teamwork. Goals are achieved when we work together to achieve them. Progress happens when we implement ideas together. Bonds grow when we share common interests.

We report on all these ties and connections here. From everywhere we call home. From around the globe and in the various constellations between colleagues, customers, and partners. Colorful and diverse. Multifaceted. And inspiring in the best sense. Allow us to inspire you, too, and to learn more about our strong connections.

Enthusiasm is the basis for the future Phoenix Contact connects us through the spirit of developing new things together

The connection between Klaus Hengsbach, who organizes educational competitions such as the xplore competition, and Anton Schönenberg, who now develops software services for the Phoenix Contact Group, shows how young people can be inspired by technologies and technical interrelationships and how continuous educational work can contribute to this.

Fascination e-mobility People, technology, passion

Driving ideas forward together with colleagues and customers, realizing them, and experiencing how technology is perceived. This is the driving and unifying force for Ralf Bungenstock, Julia Plöger, and Cedric Deppe. In this team, everyone brings their strengths to bear on their shared interest, and they are passionate about it: driving e-mobility forward.

Developing solutions together The mix of experience and breaking new ground will continue to drive our joint project in the future.

In order to jointly develop new, application-oriented software on the current technical level, Peter Issak contributed his global experience for software solutions and Sophia Hardeck shared her new ideas for a platform, through which all products for the control cabinet will now be brought together.

Jörg Nolte and Prof. Dr. Jürgen Jasperneite

Cooperation between industry and research People, concepts, and solutions connect on the journey to a smart city

The model city of Lemgo shows the synergies that result from collaboration between industry and research. Jörg Nolte from Phoenix Contact and Dr. Jürgen Jasperneite from the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Automation have teamed up to create digital transparency in various urban living areas with solutions for heat supply, traffic routing, and street lighting.

The two experts are united by the common goals of improving the quality of life for people in cities and making resources sustainable. We can easily scall all of these applications and transfer them to large cities. The link between digitalization and reality – a fitting description of the connection between industry and research.

Then, now, and in the future

As an innovative family business, our greatest concern is to act responsibly today so that we leave a better world for future generations. The experience we have built up through our history helps us to find the right solutions.

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When I think of Phoenix Contact, the professional yet relaxed cooperation on an equal footing and the intense drive towards the All Electric Society immediately come to mind. Topics such as digitalization and e-mobility have been pushed for years. For me, this is a clear signal that Phoenix Contact truly wants to create a green world.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christian Vilsbeck - Fachzeitschrift A&D in der Publish-Industry Verlag GmbH, Deutschland, Managing editor