Scalable, configurable, future-proof

The VL3 panel PC product range offers a selection of performance levels and industrial grade feature options like dual Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.1, digital I/O and serial communication and hardware expansion options.

The VL3 family is available as box or panel PC and offers reliable CPU operation with state-of-the-art processor performance and high-energy efficiency. Powerful multi-core CPUs from Intel’s 11th generation of long-term embedded processor road map, as well as RAID 0/1 support, make these IPCs suitable for a wide range of applications in demanding industrial environments.

The modern VL3 touch panels are available in wide-screen sizes from 15.6 to 21.5 inches. The 10-point multi-touch screens is glove operable and works in humid and wet applications. The panels are therefore perfectly suited for high-end control or visualization tasks for every industrial application, and in any industry.

Common VL3 product features

  • Configurable as panel PC (PPC) and a box PC (BPC)
  • Fanless operation for industrial applications (PPC with i7 CPU includes convection booster)
  • Powerful and energy efficient Intel® Celeron® and Core™ processors
  • Standard UL Class I, Div. 2 approval (pending)
3D View

VL3 IPC product visualization

View our photorealistic VL3 BPC and PPC products with full interactive 360°-control. For a more immersive experience, including viewing the product in your space, use the Enhanced 3D View link below.