The mGuard Secure Cloud administrators understand how important options are. Depending on the technicians role, network setup, devices available and operating systems running in your system you can select the desire software client.

All available clients are a major component of the mGuard Secure Cloud solution as provide the secure encrypted connection through IPsec VPN from the start. Its ideal for road warriors, service staff and teleworkers either while travels or at HQ. But if your looking for extra security for your PC any mGuard VPN devices can be used: from USB-powered portable mGuards, devices for the desktop together with PCI-compliant versions.

mGuard Secure VPN Client screenshot

Approved clients

  • mGuard Secure VPN Client: The new mGSVC is a Phoenix Contact IPsec client compatible with all mGuard firmware and developed for the use with the mSC. It is compatible with both basic and advanced situations and supports going through a Proxy and using alternate VPN ports.
    • Download a 30 day trial of the mGSVC:
      • Download a free 30-days trial version of the mGuard Secure VPN Client // version 10.x under the downloads section
    • Buy the full license of the mGSVC through your distributor
  • Shrewsoft VPN Client: the Shrewsoft is a free, third party open source VPN client that can be used to tunnel into the mSC. It is great for basic connections, but it doesn’t support Proxies or using alternate VPN ports.
    • Download the free Shrewsoft VPN at
  • Built-in Apple iOS VPN Client: All Apple mobile devices (iPad and iPhones) running iOS firmware are now capable of connecting to our mSC server and reach remote devices’ webpages by using the native VPN client. The service VPN builder contains the new automated iOS client option to generate this configuration profile automatically, including the certificates. After the configuration for iOS is downloaded, the settings app opens automatically, allowing easy installation of the profile.