Services for marking solutions We offer customized service concepts tailored to your requirements and processes. This is how we support you in the smooth implementation of your processes, simplifying your day-to-day work.

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Customized services

Besides software and hardware for creating your markings, we offer holistic service concepts. These range from installation and training, to device-specific repairs and maintenance, to the supply of leased devices when needed. Whatever the challenge you are facing, we will provide you with professional support for all your concerns and will always be at your side with individually tailored services.

Your advantages

  • Smooth operation, thanks to professional installation and training
  • Your devices are always in top condition, thanks to regular maintenance
  • Sustainable marking concept, thanks to the repair service which uses high-quality original parts
  • Reliable support from our Technical Support team in the event of any queries
Member of the support team during the installation of a printer

Support during the installation of your printer

Installation and setup

We set up your marking system, including the preinstalled software and necessary drivers, directly on site. We then provide you with intensive training on how to use the device and software. We process a series of print jobs with you and provide you with the knowledge you need to safely operate the marking system.

Maintenance of a printing system by Phoenix Contact service technicians

Professional maintenance and repair

Our service technicians will repair and maintain your marking system quickly and precisely. Service for your printer includes testing the firmware, drivers, and marking software, operation in connection with the material being used, a visual inspection, and operational test. Depending on the type of printer, repairs are carried out on site or at one of our worldwide service centers. You will then receive a detailed report listing all of the steps performed and the parts that have been replaced.

Service employee packing a lease device for shipment to customer

Leased devices

Do you need additional marking capacity on a temporary basis, want to meet project-specific marking requirements, or is your marking system being repaired? Our leased devices are available to you for precisely these reasons. After coordinating with you, we send you the device or install it with you on request and train you how to use it safely.

Configurable rating plate

Customer-specific marking

Do you need marking materials but you do not have the right printer? No problem, we will take care of it for you. Order ready-marked identification solutions that are custom-made in accordance with your wishes. Configurable items are available on our website for your custom printing.

With our service concept, we start with the qualification of our customers, ensure trouble-free production processes with maintenance and repairs, and provide support with leased devices if required. We support our customers with individually tailored services - that’s what sets us apart from the market. 

Tobias Ehrlich - PHOENIX CONTACT GmbH & Co. KG, Service Technician, Marking
Tobias Ehrlich - Service Technician
Technical support employee sticking an inspection sticker on a serviced printer

Individually tailored service packages

With our service packages, we make sure your marking systems are operating perfectly at all times. Benefit from professional support during device installation, regular maintenance, and free repairs. Choose from various packages and select the combination of services that best suits your needs.

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Your local contact partners

Our services are designed to provide quick and customized support. Therefore, please note that our service portfolio is subject to regional variations. If you would like a personal consultation on the topic of printer services, your local Phoenix Contact subsidiary will be happy to arrange this.