MACX MCR-EX-SL-SD-21-40-LP-SP - Solenoid driver

Ex i solenoid driver. For the intrinsically safe control of Ex i solenoid valves, alarm modules or LEDs installed in the Ex area. Current limitation at 40 mA. For gases up to Group IIC, loop-powered, electrical isolation, SIL 3. Push-in connection.

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Mechanically compatible with the DIN rail connector
Various output characteristic curves compatible with standard solenoid valves
Loop-powered: the required power is supplied via the control signal on the input side.
Up to SIL 3 in accordance with IEC 61508
Installation in zone 2, protection type "n" (EN 60079-15) permitted
Output: [Ex ia] IIC/[Ex ia] IIB
2-way electrical isolation
Input: 19.2 V DC … 30 V DC