DOK 1,5-2D - Sensor/actuator terminal block

Sensor/actuator terminal block, nom. voltage: 250 V, nominal current: 24 A, connection method: Screw connection, Rated cross section: 2.5 mm2, cross section: 0.2 mm2 - 4 mm2, mounting type: NS 35/7,5, NS 35/15, color: gray

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Same shape as DIK ... three-level initiator terminal blocks
The forks of the insertion bridge can be easily loosened for bridging between non-adjacent terminal blocks
Terminal blocks with red and green LEDs are available for optical signaling of the initiator and actuator wiring
Because the spine of the insertion bridge can be snapped into place with the terminal block housing, all the terminal points can be wired freely and the bridge can be securely positioned
Unlike the DIK terminal blocks, the lower level of these output terminal blocks makes direct contact with the DIN rail and as a PE connection are marked yellow-green
The upper level contains the feed-through connections for the signal cable which can be labeled
Alternate wiring of an actuator followed by an initiator is easy
The middle level supplies the connected actuators with power