TC-2D37SUB-DO16-ESD-AR-UNI - Module carrier

Universal termination carrier for redundantly connecting 16 PSR-FSP modules to digital output cards, via two D-SUB connectors, 37-pos. (1:1 connection). Solution for Emergency Shut Down (ESD) applications.

This product needs further products for operation. Mandatory accessories

Product details

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Your advantages

Mechanically decoupled PCB
Robust aluminum profile with integrated DIN rail
Side parts with integrated end clamps
Redundant D-SUB pin strip system connection, 37-pos. (1:1 connection)
Simple or redundant supply, decoupled from diode, protected against polarity reversal
Error message in the event of power supply failure or fuse fault
Relay output (N/O contact, floating) and flashing LED for error message
Undervoltage monitoring at input at < 18 V DC
Suitable for safe state off applications
Cable sets for signal connection are not supplied as standard and must be ordered separately