UTI 6-PE/L/NT - Installation ground terminal block

Installation ground terminal block, Assembly instruction:
In order to securely fix the neutral busbar in place, support brackets must be placed at the beginning and end of each terminal strip as well as every 20 cm on longer terminal strips.
The corresponding support brackets can be found at phoenixcontact.com/products, nom. voltage: 400 V, nominal current: 38 A, Screw connection, Rated cross section: 6 mm2, cross section: 0.2 mm2 - 10 mm2, mounting type: NS 35/7,5, NS 35/15, color: gray

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The asymmetrical arrangement of the terminal blocks on the DIN rail enables the neutral busbar to be routed past the terminal blocks
The installation terminal block features a particularly low-profile design and is suitable for wiring in flat installation distributors