EMC filters and mains filters to limit interference voltages

EMC filters for a reliable power supply

EMC filters limit high-frequency interference voltages and currents generated by equipment during normal operation and occurring under fault conditions. Using our EMC filters, you ensure smooth operation in environments subject to interference.

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Your advantages

  • SFP2: Effective protection against high-frequency interferences and transient overvoltages, ensured by surge protection circuits acting on the input and output side of the filter
  • User-friendly handling with easy assembly and installation, either with Push-in or screw connection technology
  • FIL: Improved filter effect and EMC-optimized installation with additional PE terminals for separate connection to the local equipotential bonding system
  • Space-saving and cost-effective thanks to DIN rail mounting
  • Reliable and safe system operation with a reduction of conducted, high-frequency interferences

EMC filter fields of application

Frequency converters, switching power supplies, and lighting system drivers are often sources of interference in power grids. Some of the EMC interference is mitigated directly at the sources of interference by special filter circuits. However, the remaining interference can propagate and amplify via the supply and control lines. This can have unpredictable effects on controllers, power supplies, sensors, and actuators. Our filters limit the interference directly in front of the potentially susceptible equipment or the sensitive end devices.

Frequency converters, control devices, and counters
Switching power supply
LED drivers
Variable speed inverters

EMC filters for universal use

EMC filter with integrated surge protection against interfering sine waves

EMC filter with integrated type 2 surge protection

Double protection

Conventional filters only protect against high-frequency interferences, but not against overvoltage pulses. For effective protection, additional surge protection components are needed. SFP2 filters provide effective protection against surges and high-frequency interference as they feature a surge protection circuit that protects both the input and output side of the filter.

Hand latching an EMC filter onto a DIN rail

Snap on, connect, ready – with Push-in or screw connection as an option

Simple and flexible installation

Thanks to the simple DIN rail mounting and the variable connection technology, using the filters in the control cabinet is child's play. Choose between the fast Push-in connection technology or proven screw connections for connecting the interference suppression filters.

EMC filter with additional PE terminal points

Additional PE terminal points improve the filtering effect of the filters in the plastic housing

EMC-optimized installation

The connection of the interference suppression filters to the local protective bonding is realized by additional PE terminal points. This improves the filter effect for high-frequency interferences between the active conductors and the ground potential. This way, an EMC-optimized installation and an improved protective effect is also achieved for EMC filters in plastic housings.

Filter properties at a glance

Interactive image map: Portfolio of EMC solutions from Phoenix Contact
Slim design
The TTC-6-SFP... EMC filters feature a narrow design with an overall width of just 6 mm, making them ideal for the protection of MCR applications.
Slim design
Variable connection technology
The products of the FIL... family include product versions with Push-in and screw connection.
Variable connection technology
Additional PE terminal points
The additional PE terminal points for separate connection to the local equipotential bonding system provide improved protection for filters in plastic housings.
Additional PE terminal points
Remote signaling
The remote signaling connection enables the integration of products of the SFP2... family into a monitoring system. The status of the integrated surge protection system is monitored.
Remote signaling
Metal housing
The products of the SFP2 family feature an EMC-optimized metal housing.
Metal housing
Status indicator
The status indicator shows the status of the integrated surge protection system. If the indicator is green, the surge protection system is functional.
Status indicator
Filter and surge protection
The SFP2 product family provides powerful type 2 surge protection on the input and output sides of the filter.
Filter and surge protection