ILC 2050 BI - Controller

Modular Inline controller for automation applications in the fields of building technology, infrastructure, and energy technology. Equipped with two logically separated IP address interfaces each with 2 integrated Fast Ethernet ports. Configurable assignment of the Ethernet ports for the use of the spanning-tree protocol, daisy chain and redundant ring structures for maximum availability. Four LAN, two USB, and two RS-485 interfaces are integrated. The data point connections can be extended with up to 63 Inline I/O modules: digital and analog, function terminals for DALI, pulse counting, MBUS or serial interfaces.

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Time-optimized engineering using the Niagara 4 framework
Support for all the main communication protocols used in building infrastructure automation
Planning, engineering, and visualization in the Java-based Niagara 4 framework
Easy extension of the Niagara 4 framework with self-programmed functions