WMTW (23X4)R - Cable marker

Cable marker, Roll, white, unlabeled, can be labeled with: THERMOMARK E.300 (D)/600 (D), THERMOMARK ROLL 2.0, THERMOMARK ROLL, THERMOMARK ROLL X1, THERMOMARK ROLLMASTER 300/600, THERMOMARK X1.2, mounting type: insert, cable diameter range: 1.5 ... 35 mm, lettering field size: 23 x 4 mm, Number of individual labels: 3000

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Insertable conductor marking with threading and insertion aid for marking collars
The insert labels are used to mark marking collars from the PATG/PATO ... system
Easy mounting thanks to a threading and insertion aid, which can be easily separated by means of a perforation after inserting the marker
Thanks to their special shape, the insert labels remain securely inside the marking collar