WML-RFID/HF 14 (25X19)R - Cable marker

Cable marker label with RFID-HF transponder, roll, white, unmarked, can be printed with: THERMOMARK ROLL, THERMOMARK ROLL X1, THERMOMARK X1.2, mounting type: adhesive, min. cable diameter: 9 mm, max. cable diameter: 14 mm, lettering field size: 25 x 19 mm

Product details

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Your advantages

High-quality marking created by the thermal transfer printer
Resistant to solvents
The cable marker labels consist of a labeling field and a transparent protective foil
The protective foil is wound over the labeling and provides permanent protection against dirt and abrasion
Quick and easy handling
The cable marker labels do not increase the cross section of the cable, allowing the cable to be subsequently drawn through cable ducts, for example