UC-WMT (23X4) - Conductor marker

Conductor marker, Sheet, white, unlabeled, can be labeled with: BLUEMARK ID COLOR, BLUEMARK ID, BLUEMARK CLED, PLOTMARK, CMS-P1-PLOTTER, mounting type: insert, cable diameter range: 1.5 ... 35 mm, lettering field size: 23 x 4 mm, Number of individual labels: 24

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The UC-WMT ... UniCard labeling range includes markers for conductor marking with marking collars from the PATG (HF) .../PATG ... system
The markers, which are supplied in uniform sheets, can be printed onto quickly and easily using the BLUEMARK printing system
To simplify mounting, the insert labels are arranged on UniCard sheets so that they can be separated branch by branch
Labeled insert strips are simply inserted into the collars. This protects the marking against dirt.
The format automatically ensures printing with a high degree of positioning accuracy
The sheets provide space for including function texts
Marking service: Phoenix Contact can custom-mark all UniCard markers according to your specifications