MM-WMTB (24X8)R C1 WH/BK - Cable marker

Cable marker, Roll, white/black, unlabeled, can be labeled with: THERMOMARK GO, mounting type: Assembly with cable ties, cable diameter range: 6 ... 115 mm, lettering field size: 20 x 7 mm, Number of individual labels: 186

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Your advantages

The pre-punched geometry enables easy and convenient use
Thanks to the innovative material composition, each label can be printed which results in zero wastage
Easy and efficient material cartridge system: Includes both the material to be printed and the corresponding ink ribbon
No visible difference between retrospective marking and existing markings created with a desktop roll printer
The cable markers are mounted very easily using a cable tie. Alternatively, a large number of conductors can also be bundled together in this way
High-quality and solvent-resistant marking solution for industrial applications that is created by means of thermal transfer printing