SACC-E-M12MSK4PE-M16XL/0,2-1,5 - Device connector front mounting

Device connector front mounting, Power, 5-position, Pin, straight, M12-Standard, coding: K, on free cable end, Front mounting, Square flange, Individual wires, cable length: 0.2 m, 1.31 mm2, UL/cUL stranded hook-up wire, Alternative product in accordance with RoHS II without Exemption 6c (Pb <0.1%) item no.: 1239549

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Your advantages

For compact devices: transmit high power in a confined space
Easy-to-install, optimized XL housing contour with wrench size 19
Mechanical tightening limitation for long-term-stable gasket
Preassembled with litz wires for immediate use
Customer-specific assemblies and litz wire lengths available
Sealed on the litz wire side for optimum leak-tightness
For high transmission safety: shield connection to the housing with optional EMC nut