MINI Analog Pro Ex i signal conditioners on a DIN rail with the German Innovation Award Gold Winner logo and the GIT Security Award Winner logo

A milestone in miniaturization Highly compact MINI Analog Pro Ex i signal conditioners win major awards

The new Ex i versions in the MINI Analog Pro 6.2 mm signal conditioner family provide explosion protection and functional safety in an unrivaled compact design. With space savings of up to 50% compared to current solutions, measurement technology signals are reliably processed while at the same time ensuring the protection of people, the environment, and systems. The products are consistently rated to the highest safety level, SIL 3 one out of one. The operating concept and end-to-end digitalization are particularly user-friendly and future-proof.

This innovative development resulted in MINI Analog Pro being honored as the Winner of the GIT Security Award and winning Gold in the German Innovation Award competition.

German Innovation Award Gold Winner logo

The German Innovation Award The award that puts innovation in the spotlight

The German Innovation Award recognizes products, technologies, and services that break new, innovative ground and offer solutions that stand out for their added value for users and the environment. These forward-thinking innovations are possible in all industries and at all levels – whether industry giants or start-ups. The German Innovation Award offers equal opportunities to all those who drive innovation forward and brings their achievements to the attention of a wide audience.

GIT Security Award 2024 Winner logo

The GIT Security Award The prestigious prize in the field of security

The GIT Security Award is contested by all providers of security products, security solutions, and security services. The award recognizes the innovativeness, benefits, and unique features of products in various categories. An independent jury shortlisted the nominees for the final round of voting for the international award that is presented by the trade journal “GIT Security” published by Wiley. The jury is made up of experts from industry associations such as BHE, TÜV, VDMA, and ZVEI, as well as system integrators and users. The top three winners in each category are determined by the votes cast by readers on the international, cross-industry platform, Products for Professionals.

These characteristics convinced the independent juries and voters to award these excellent seals of quality

  • Unsurpassed space savings: modern analog circuit technology, intrinsic safety, and SIL 3 in an unrivaled compact design
  • Explosion protection for all zones and substance groups guaranteed by international approvals, the extended temperature range, and a documented altitude operating range of up to 5,000 m
  • Protection of people, the environment, and systems with the highest safety level: SIL 3 one out of one
  • Easy handling due to the user-friendly design and operating concept
  • End-to-end digitalization with configuration and monitoring app, communication gateways, digital tagging, and digital nameplate

More about MINI Analog Pro

Peter Stövesand, Manager Product Marketing Interface Analog, with a live statement from the Hannover Messe 2023

Modern analog circuit technology, intrinsic safety, and SIL 3 in an unrivaled compact design A milestone in miniaturization with over ten patents for housings, circuit technology, and connection technology

MINI Analog Pro Ex i signal conditioner PCB in the hand with the SIL 3 and Ex i logo

Explosion protection for all zones and substance groups International Ex approvals, mining approval, an extended temperature operating range, and documented requirements for altitude operating ranges of up to 5,000 m

 MINI Analog Pro with Ex i logos and electrolyzer in the background

Protection of people, the environment, and systems Consistent functional safety, rated SIL 3 one out of one, for single-channel structures, without the redundant setup of a second control circuit

MINI Analog Pro with SIL 3 logo, in the foreground two people in a process plant

User-friendly design and operating concept Plug-in connection terminal blocks, easy conductor entry, current measurement during operation, simple power bridging

Interactive image map: MINI Analog Pro Ex i signal conditioners, side view between the cable ducts
Plug-in connection terminal blocks, with integrated disconnect function
Plug-in connection terminal blocks with integrated disconnect function for easy interruption of the signal and supply circuits during servicing and startup.
Plug-in connection terminal blocks, with integrated disconnect function
Current measurement during operation
Measure current signals during operation without disconnecting the signal circuit. The process is not interrupted.
Current measurement during operation
Easy conductor entry
Due to the tapered design with front orientation, all terminal points are easily visible and accessible from the front for easy conductor entry in a confined space. This saves space between the cable ducts.
Easy conductor entry
Simple power bridging
Simple power bridging, system expansion, hot-swap module replacement, and group error indication via the DIN rail connector.
Simple power bridging
Large-surface marking areas and status LED
Large-surface marking areas for complete loop identification using standard marking material and clearly visible status LED in every signal conditioner.
Large-surface marking areas and status LED

Ready for the digital future

Hand with MINI Analog Pro Ex i signal conditioner and cell phone with Signal Conditioner App
Smart parameterization, monitoring, and identification with the Signal Conditioner App via NFC or Bluetooth. Digital tagging via NFC. Digital nameplate for retrieving hardware/firmware versions and specific product documentation and data. Optional retrieval of the factory calibration certificate via QR code.
MINI Analog Pro Ex i signal conditioners on the DIN rail with gateways for bus and network connection
Easy network connection with plug-in communication gateways for up to eight different signal types.
Screenshot of the online configurator for MINI Analog Pro Ex i signal conditioners
Individual ordering, including a batch quantity of just one unit, via the online configurator, with corresponding factory calibration certificate as an option.
Person in front of a screen with the clipx Engineer system software
Online planning, parameterization, and process monitoring with the Phoenix Contact cross-system software clipx ENGINEER.