Available, safe railway systems and cost-effective modernization

Digital upgrades for signal technology Smart solutions from Phoenix Contact

The requirements on components for railway infrastructure are stringent. They are used in safety-relevant applications and safeguard the availability of railway operations. At the same time, railway infrastructure is increasingly digital. Intelligent solutions are needed that enable remote monitoring and diagnostics, as well as cloud services. Products and solutions from Phoenix Contact satisfy the stringent requirements and, at the same time, provide digital interfaces in order to realize smart infrastructure for railways.

Our applications for railway infrastructure and signal technology

Digitalization in railway operations

Realizing digital transformation

Phoenix Contact provides the ideal portfolio for the digitalization of railway technologies: Reliable installation, secure signal transmission, and real-time data communication, as well as cloud services, make it possible to digitalize railway infrastructure.

Application examples:

Signal technology in stations

Ensuring railway infrastructure system availability

Preventing failures, utilizing capacities: Products from Phoenix Contact offer digital interfaces that enable remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance – for the superior availability and safety of signal systems.

Application examples:

Railway system at crossing

Ensuring safe railway operations

Safe operation is the number-one priority for rail transport. To certify products for railway operations, they must ensure impact freedom for signal circuits and other operating equipment, among other things. At Phoenix Contact, these demands are taken into account early, during the product development phase.

Application examples:

Modernizing railway infrastructure at railway tracks

Upgrading existing systems and optimizing costs

In order to continue operating an entire railway and signal technology system, it is often necessary to replace individual components. With components available in series that can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems, Phoenix Contact allows you to modernize your railway infrastructure safely and cost-effectively.

Application examples: