Engineering and configuration A continuous data flow, fully digitally described items, and seamless system interfaces underpin optimized processes in control cabinet building.

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Digital data ensures optimized processes

Digital data and seamless system interfaces for planning, ordering, and production set the foundation for optimized processes. Our clipx ENGINEER engineering software enables automatic data transfer from your ECAD system as well as intuitive design of terminal strips in 3D. The data here forms the basis for the creation of production documents in every subsequent process step.

Your advantages for efficient engineering software

  • Support for data creation for the entire control cabinet construction process through powerful project planning software
  • Simplification of the design process with auto-correction function and accessories wizard
  • Consistent data usage through interfaces to all common ECAD systems
  • Use of available item data without the time and effort involved in updating your own databases
  • Minimization of errors and system incompatibilities through data transfer from engineering to production
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Process support for control cabinet building

System interruptions generate high costs in both engineering and production due to time-consuming, manual reworking. Software programs that ensure a consistent flow of data therefore contribute significantly to efficiency throughout the entire process.

Increase the efficiency of your workflows in control cabinet manufacturing with our clipx ENGINEER engineering software. Benefit from a wide range of functions and intelligent engineering wizards that simplify the planning of your projects.

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Product data for your engineering process

The digital twin of your project enables continuous data use across the entire control cabinet building process. Therefore, seamlessly digitally described items are the prerequisite for creating this database as a copy of the reality in engineering. We offer you extensive product data for a wide range of engineering systems and exchange formats. Integrate this data quickly and easily into your engineering system to make your planning processes in control cabinet building more efficient and to accelerate them.

Engineering software​ for control cabinet building
Experience the versatility of the new software for efficiently planning terminal blocks, mounting plates, and junction boxes at any location. clipx ENGINEER is regularly extended with new functions and item groups.
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What our customers appreciate about clipx ENGINEER engineering software is its perfect integration with ECAD systems. This makes their workflows much easier. The intuitive operation allows users to complete their planning quickly and easily. And of course, by creating documents for manufacturing, clipx ENGINEER paves the way to turn digital into reality.

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Solutions for greater efficiency
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