Building technology system integrator in front of a control cabinet

System integration Better together: A smart BIoT framework and comprehensive automation

Everyone is talking about smart buildings. But when it comes to their implementation, things are often done in the wrong order. System integration is the key to efficient building operation. Energy can only be saved and automated in a future-oriented way when all the trades communicate with each other consistently. Emalytics, our BIoT-based framework, enables you to do just that with the intelligent networking of all systems, plants, and components for technical building utilities (TBU).

Building technology system integrator in front of a screen

Efficient networking of all trades for technical building utilities (TBU)

Efficient project implementation Seamless integration of all trades – whether in new or existing buildings

Various protocols and gateways – we know your challenges all too well. That’s why we have developed a smart BIoT framework that not only converts the data from all trades into a uniform format, but also provides the ideal platform to utilize this data for more efficient automation. In this way, we significantly simplify engineering in the here and now.

Your advantages at a glance Reduce effort, increase process reliability

  • Integration, engineering, visualization, reporting, and analysis
    Easy, understandable, and clearly bundled in one tool

  • Smooth connection of all common protocols for technical building utilities
    From electricity, heating, and ventilation to air conditioning (HVAC)

  • Efficient integration, whether in new or existing buildings
    With Emalytics, the modular scalable BIoT framework

  • Compliance with the most stringent IT security standards
    Superior system availability with robust and interference-free networks

  • Install updates quickly and easily during operation
    Firmware and software upgrade (patch) or update via remote control

Smart, digital, and future-oriented
Building management with Emalytics
For a building to be more than the sum of its trades, devices, and systems, a holistic approach and intelligent networking are required. We provide you with both, combined in one central platform: Emalytics – our smart BIoT framework.
More about Emalytics
Controller for building automation and building management system

Dive right in

In our video series “Emalytics Hacks”, we dive into the technical world of the platform. Find out directly from our developers how it feels to easily engineer your projects and create dashboards the way you want with Emalytics.

Easily adapt building functions during operation

Find out how you can create applications quickly and easily, and how you can use communicative networking to incorporate information from all trades for technical building utilities (TBU), such as the facade and supply technology areas (HVAC technology, electrical engineering, etc.), into the optimization of building operation. While it is very laborious to adapt cross-trade functions in classic building automation due to the many gateways used, Emalytics Automation allows you to focus on seamless communication. Benefit from intelligently networked building technology.

Implement changes live and simultaneously in the building automation

Are you also faced with the challenge of engineering a building with several people at the same time and implementing different trades and functions for technical building utilities? With the live engineering function, you can easily implement applications with multiple colleagues that are ready to run straight away. Find out how to reduce your effort and increase process reliability.

Easily implement web-based visualizations in the building

With the browser-based Emalytics View visualization framework, we provide you with a comprehensive tool box for creating your customized building visualization. Find out how to easily create custom dashboards for display, evaluation, and alert and message management. Create your own KPIs by leveraging existing data from trades and distributed properties.

Everything for your smart building from a single source

You want a smart building? Then you need a partner with a holistic approach – from field level to communication and overall management. Designed once and always up to date. With over 60,000 products, that’s exactly what we offer – just get in touch with us.