Video surveillance cameras above highways

Video surveillance in transportation technology Traffic flow monitoring with modern video technology

Video monitoring is indispensable in transportation technology. Its primary objective is to provide increased safety for all road users. Whether on train routes, highways, or particularly hazard-prone areas of road traffic. On the one hand, video technology helps to prevent congestion or traffic jams. On the other hand, it ensures that assistance is provided quickly in the event of problems or emergency situations.

In addition, state-of-the-art video surveillance is used in many countries around the world to prevent damage (such as height checks) or even to prosecute offenses. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and artificial intelligence in the form of an extension module (AXC F XT ML 1000) for programmable logic controllers open up brand new possibilities for traffic flow analysis and optimization. In the context of increasingly smart cities and the coupling of various applications and sectors, video technology is a decisive factor.

Street with transportation video surveillance technology

Traffic flow monitoring and optimization with modern video technology

Optimum protection of wide area installations

Traffic surveillance of highways often covers huge distances. As a world-leading company for network technology, Phoenix Contact also provides the right products for wide area installations.

The Smart Ethernet Box from Phoenix Contact is an all-in-one device that is connected directly to the cameras and is ideal for use in traffic surveillance applications. When the appropriate fiberglass technology is used, the maximum distance between two installation nodes is 80 kilometers. With the full-managed switch technology, it is even possible to create rings with the Smart Ethernet Boxes, which enables redundant installations.

From a control room, video technology can thus be installed on both sides of the highway and ring redundancy laid over a gantry or animal overpass structure. In the case of a redundant design, this results in a single point of failure, even over several hundred kilometers of highway.

Installers check the camera junction box of a video surveillance camera for traffic

Installation of a video surveillance camera

Ideally suited for outdoor use

For reliable video surveillance, the installation must at the least satisfy the same requirements as the camera itself. This is especially true for outdoor installations such as the video technology along highways.

The Smart Ethernet Box is particularly suitable for use outdoors. It was developed for ambient temperatures from -40 to +70 C with a relative humidity of 10% to 95% and features a robust housing made from special plastic that is resistant to aging and cannot be deformed or perforated.

As for the video infrastructure, Phoenix Contact also offers a portfolio of industrial-grade products for connection and communication technology that can be individually assembled in the camera connection boxes and even withstand extreme environmental conditions.

Smart Ethernet Box with open door

Infrastructure for video surveillance in a compact device

Video surveillance with the Smart Ethernet Box

Video surveillance infrastructure for transportation applications in a robust device: Small, compact, and high-performance – this is how you reliably connect surveillance cameras to the video server.

The integrated mounting adapter for wall and mast mounting makes installation much easier and quicker. Simply snap in, connect, and you’re done! You’ll never miss another thing.

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