Lightning over a tunnel entrance

Surge protection in a tunnel Protect tunnel infrastructure during thunderstorms

Transient overvoltages caused by lightning or by switching operations can damage devices and installations or cause them to fail completely. Although they run underground, tunnels are not automatically protected from such consequences, which would require the tunnel to be closed for repairs.

With an effective surge protection concept from Phoenix Contact, these risks can be reduced to an absolute minimum.

Thunderstorm with lightning

Minimize the risks of a lightning strike in the tunnel

Traffic tunnels need to available around the clock. Closing the tunnel or the failure of a rescue system due to overvoltages can not only cause economic loss, but also endanger human lives.

Take preventive action: Surge protection significantly increases the availability of your electrical engineering systems and minimizes the risks. Monitoring the surge protective devices and with them, the power supply, makes failures predictable and maintenance operations can be planned more effectively.

Our solutions for your applications

Surge protection products
PT-IQ surge protection
Electronic circuit breakers
Surge protection products

Each interface needs the right protection. Our broad range of products has the perfect solution for every application: Fast data communication, narrow surge protection devices for MCR technology, narrowband or broadband antenna signals, and powerful devices for power supply systems.

PT-IQ surge protection

If an SPD is overloaded, the tunnel electrical system is no longer protected. In order to guarantee uninterrupted protection for the tunnel, intelligent components send out a notification as soon as the power limit is reached. This enables you to replace an SPD even before it fails. The tunnel operation thus remains unchanged.

Electronic circuit breakers

Along with overvoltages, overloads and short circuits also pose a hazard for tunnel operation. Multi-channel device circuit breakers minimize this risk.
Does only one channel need to be protected? If so, the device circuit breakers in a terminal block design with a width of just 6 mm are exactly the right choice.

Lightning protection zones in a traffic tunnel

Surge protection exactly where it is needed in tunnels

Tunnel tubes can be divided into various lightning protection zones, with surge protective devices installed at the transitions between zones. SPD type 1 in the first control cabinet in each tube makes that section zone 1. All subsequent control cabinets become zone 2 by virtue of type 2 SPDs. The established regulations for lightning protection (IEC 62305) are used for external structures (including the control room and variable traffic signs).

Your advantages

  • Intelligent accessories allow surge protective devices (SPDs) that have been subjected to high loads to be identified and replaced at an early stage
  • Comprehensive portfolio offering the right protection to meet every requirement
  • Minimize tunnel infrastructure failures caused by thunderstorms
  • Sustainably increase tunnel availability
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