Trepak filling line

Pre-assembled function modules simplify modular machine building In machine building, ready-to-use and assembled mounting plates speed up the assembly process

At Trepak International AB, pre-assembled function modules simplify the modular design of its machines. With the help of ready-to-use mounting plates, Trepak can use its own resources more efficiently, have higher flexibility, and improve its logistics.

Trepak production line for filling of liquid products

Trepak International AB – expert for filling systems for liquid products

Trepak International AB develops, builds, installs, and maintains filling machines for liquid products and encapsulation lines for all types of packaging. Their solutions are delivered to a wide range of industries such as to the chemical, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, hygiene and cosmetics, and food and beverage industries. The company is based in Malmö in southern Sweden, has 21 employees, and celebrated its 40th birthday in 2021. Its own sales focus is on Scandinavia, but the company also installs machines world-wide through different partners.

Building control cabinets at Trepak

Construction of complete production lines for filling of liquid products

Trepak basically focuses on three different machine types: filling lines, filling machines, and capping machines. However, the company specializes in complete production lines for filling of liquid products. Therefore, they have extensive experience in designing well-coordinated and integrated filling lines.
The Trepak solutions are always tailored to the specific requirements of each individual customer. Installation, service, and maintenance are performed by the company’s own engineers.
Trepak’s project process is its guarantee of success. With joint coordination – so-called design audits – the company ensures that all filling line features meet their customers’ requirements. This ensures that both installation and commissioning are easier. Trepak delivers around 50 machines each year – all within agreed time frames and specifications with regard to quality and productivity.
To meet customer expectations with regard to a delivery date, short production times are a key element at Trepak.

Before we started our cooperation with Phoenix Contact, we cut our own DIN rails and cable ducts and we installed and marked terminal blocks. With the help of the Phoenix Contact kits, we have freed up time and simplified our assembly. Going back to doing this ourselves is unthinkable.

Fredrik Högberg - Trepak International AB, Purchasing Manager
Fredrik Högberg, Purchasing Manager at Trepak International AB
Various boxes with ready-to-use function boards for the control cabinet

Building filling machines faster with ready-to-use function boards

To speed up production and make processes in production more efficient, Trepak utilizes assembly services from Phoenix Contact. For almost ten years, Trepak has purchased solutions that are pre-assembled and labeled in the Phoenix Contact value add center in Sweden. These ready-to-use kits are standard Phoenix Contact products mounted on DIN-rails for direct mounting in Trepak machines and cabinets. This DIN rail assembly service is a helpful tool in particular for handling order peaks flexibly and for supplying ready-to-use DIN rails just in time for a series production. With this modular approach, Trepak can use its own resources more efficiently, have higher flexibility, and improve its logistics.

Open control cabinet on a machine

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