Use of a battery storage system in the power grid

Monitoring and control of industrial and utility-scale storage systems Components for reliable and safe storage systems

Battery storage solutions realize different functions in industrial applications. They are used to increase the consumption of self-generated energy, as a high-availability power supply for production facilities, and to reduce peak loads. Driven by the energy revolution, large battery storage systems are also being used for grid services in power grids.

Our products and systems ensure an optimized design of control cabinets and reliable operation of the systems. With our automation technology, you can easily develop the system software in your favorite programming language and quickly put it into operation. Our portfolio for communicative connection enables simple and secure communication between the storage system and superordinate networks for monitoring and controlling the battery storage systems.

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The challenge

Insight into the power grid with applications such as energy storage systems and renewable power generation plants
Analysis of energy consumption in production
Operation of an energy storage solution in an industrial application
Insight into the power grid with applications such as energy storage systems and renewable power generation plants

The use of innovative utility-scale storage systems is suitable for supplying grid services, such as for voltage stability and for the provision of energy. With the use of storage systems, existing distribution grids can be utilized to the maximum as part the energy revolution. In addition, any necessary grid expansions in the future can be flexibly implemented over time.

Our portfolio, from connection technology through to system monitoring and control, ensures straightforward engineering along with secure and reliable operation.

Analysis of energy consumption in production

Industrial storage systems are particularly suitable for a failsafe and consistent supply of energy to critical production plants. They feature a quick and high level of controllability.

Using our portfolio, you can engineer your plants easily and flexibly. Our components ensure the reliable use of monitoring and control functions.

Operation of an energy storage solution in an industrial application

In addition to the emergency power supply, industrial storage systems are used to reduce peak loads in grids. The reduced load levels have a positive effect on the grid charges to the grid operator. In combination with integrated power generation plants such as photovoltaic systems, the energy storage systems enable the storage and subsequent use of this self-generated electricity.

Our automation technology helps you increase the amount of electricity you generate yourself.

The solution

Battery storage systems for area networks and distribution grids

Operate utility-scale storage systems reliably

Our coordinated product portfolio ensures reliable operation of high-capacity storage systems. Especially noteworthy is our portfolio of connectivity, network, and control technology. Our products are subject to stringent quality requirements. This is intended to minimize any hazards that may arise for the plant and the storage system during operation.

With our field-proven connection systems, you can count on a high level of safety in the management of high currents and power, which many customers have relied on for years.
Combined with our industry-leading power supplies, supply reliability for monitoring and controlling the energy storage system is guaranteed.
The coordinated portfolio of network, communication, and automation technology also offers you every freedom for optimum system design for today’s needs and those of the future.

Your advantages

  • Comprehensive, coordinated product portfolio from a single source
  • Field-proven components, systems, and technologies for reliable system operation
  • Personal consultation for the best possible solution

We will be happy to advise you on how you can implement your requirements for the operation, monitoring, and control of battery storage solutions with our field-proven product portfolio.

Team of experts for battery storage systems - Phoenix Contact
Team of experts for battery storage systems

Products and systems for monitoring and controlling industrial and utility-scale storage systems From connection technology to automation

Interactive image map: Control cabinet for monitoring and controlling energy storage systems
Our portfolio provides a large selection of different terminal blocks for connecting a wide range of applications in the control cabinet. Plus, the standardized accessories and the consistent design ensures easy planning and installation.
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Open- and closed-loop control
The demands on automation systems for utility-scale storage systems are on the rise. The systems must be able to respond flexibly to the relevant requirements. Our extensive portfolio of controllers and I/O systems enables you to build up a modular and scalable automation system, from an individual component to a complete system. This means that you to meet all customer-specific requirements individually. For extra safety, you can also set up your automation system to be redundant and with certified safety modules. This maximizes the availability of your storage solution. Easy connection to superordinate systems, such as a cloud, enables easy monitoring and secure remote access to your system.
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Open- and closed-loop control
Industrial networking and security
The security demands on battery storage systems in industry and power grids continue to increase. This makes a powerful and fail-safe communication infrastructure essential to ensure reliable system control and monitoring. We provide an extensive portfolio to meet the demands in industrial communication, from the field level to the control level. Our cybersecurity products round off the protection of your critical data. The secure operation and remote access that result ensure quick and efficient maintenance and service work.
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Industrial networking and security
Power reliability
A reliable, stable power supply ensures failsafe operation, preventing damage to machinery and systems. Especially when experiencing a power outage, the battery storage system must guarantee continued power supply to the systems. We offer a wide range of products to cover all the functions of a safe and consistent energy infrastructure.
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Power reliability
Functional safety
Along with the increasing demands on the system availability of new industrial storage systems, the demands for increased safety are also growing. Especially in infrastructural plants, functional safety mechanisms must be installed so that dangerous situations for people, machines, and nature can be controlled. This can be realized with a tailored safety concept. We can help you achieve this with our extensive SIL-certified product portfolio and technologies, ranging from non-contact safety switches to complex safety controllers.
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Functional safety


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