Fully configurable industrial PC

Phoenix Contact's Valueline 3 (VL3) industrial PC (IPC)

Valueline 3 offers reliable CPU operation with more performance power

Middletown, Pa. – Phoenix Contact’s newest industrial PC (IPC) combines reliable CPU operation with increased performance power. The Valueline 3 (VL3) is designed for applications in rugged environments, ensuring machine uptime in demanding conditions. The CPUs are selected from Intel’s embedded long-term roadmap, so users can be confident the CPUs will be available for seven to 15 years.

Factory managers can fully configure the VL3 to meet specific application needs. Phoenix Contact assembles the VL3s to order at its U.S. headquarters outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Lead times for North American customers average about one month. In some cases, lead time can be as fast as five days.

The VL3 uses 11th-generation Intel processors and DDR4 RAM to improve efficiency and increase capabilities. The product line supports RAID 1 solutions for higher data integrity. It also provides enhanced connectivity options, including digital I/O (dry contacts) and Wi-Fi.

Operators can expect the same clean panel appearance found in Phoenix Contact’s HMI products. The product line features DisplayPort++, so it can support 4K resolution and stream multiple displays over a single connector. The 10-point projective capacitive touch creates a more robust, interactive user interface. Phoenix Contact’s VL3s also have VESA mounting, making them easy to mount to machines.

The VL3 is ideal for process visualization, robotics, industrial automation, security technology, building automation, and other industrial settings. Phoenix Contact provides an industry-leading warranty that includes a two-year limited warranty out of the box. This warranty can be extended to a five-year warranty if the VL3 is used with a Phoenix Contact power supply and surge protection. Learn more at www.phoenixcontact.com/ipc.

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Molly McGowan | Senior Media Services Representative