Distributors, System Integrators, Process Automation Partners and Suppliers

At Phoenix Contact, our approach is based on a solid foundation of trust and partnership. This motivates us to take responsibility and gives us the freedom to come up with new ideas. Quality, innovative products, and customer satisfaction throughout the entire supply chain are essential for our and your success.

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In addition to using our shop, you can also purchase our products from a number of distributors. The link below will take you to a list where you can find existing distributors for Phoenix Contact USA and electrical wholesalers near you.

System Integrator Partners

System Integrator Partners Why use a Phoenix Contact System Integrator Partner?

Phoenix Contact’s diverse group of system integrators has access to the tools, training, and resources to successfully implement our full product portfolio. Phoenix Contact strives to develop trusting partnerships with our customers and sales channels. When you combine our wide breadth of innovative products and support with the services and expertise that a system integrator provides, the results are none other than satisfactory to the end user. Working with our experienced integrators enables you to focus on what you do best. Leave the management and implementation of your automation project to the experts.

Process Automation Partner channel

Process Automation Partner channel

Phoenix Contact has established partnerships with instrumentation companies so that we can strengthen our solution offering for end users in the process industries. These channel partners will focus on promoting Phoenix Contact’s process infrastructure technologies for measurement and control of field devices.


Phoenix Contact quality begins at the point of purchase. Find out more here about our purchasing policy, how you can become a supplier, or, if you are already a supplier, log into our supplier portal.