Unmanaged PoE switches

Unmanaged PoE switches

The unmanaged Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches​ of the 1000 series enable you to supply up to eight terminal devices with power and data via the same Ethernet cable. With the extended temperature range of -40°C to +75°C, all switches in the series can be used in harsh ambient conditions.

For situations that require highly robust devices, we also provide a version with IP67​ degree of protection equipped with ​M12​ connections. This unmanaged switch is also suitable for use directly in the field.

PoE applications with surveillance cameras

Unmanaged switches of the 1000 series are ideal for applications with high data throughput, such as PoE cameras

High performance and high data throughput of PoE switches

PoE switches of the 1000 series are compliant with the IEEE 802.3 at (​PoE​+) standard, which means they are capable of supplying the powered​ device (PD) with up to 30 W at 48 V DC. The maximum transmission length of 100 m also makes it possible to supply very remote PDs.

​The FL SWITCH​ -1000 PoE portfolio also includes Gigabit versions for applications that also require high data throughput due to the use of high-resolution cameras. Furthermore, the devices support Jumbo frames, which enables an additional increase in efficiency in networks with high data volumes.

Alarm LED on unmanaged PoE switches

Unmanaged PoE switches display an alarm when an error occurs

Easy error diagnostics with unmanaged PoE switches

Selected Power over Ethernet switches of the 1000 series support mechanisms for detecting communications interruptions on individual ports and problems with the power supply.

The easy configuration using DIP switches makes it possible to perform settings directly while the switch is being installed or even during ongoing operation, without having to use a laptop for access.

Short-circuit protection via electrical isolation

The supply voltage and the PoE ports are electrically isolated in selected versions. This provides optimum protection against short circuits in the data cables and functional ground on the field side.

PoE supply for field devices

With its IP67 protection, the robust FL SWITCH 1708 can be deployed directly in the field

PoE supply for field devices

The FL SWITCH 1708 is the ideal solution for easily supplying field devices with PoE. The high type of protection of IP67 makes this device resistant to moisture and dust.

This means that the switch can even be installed outside of a control cabinet directly in the field. The wall-mounting option gives you more choices when it comes to finding a suitable mounting location. In addition, all of the device connections are M12. This protects the power supply and PoE ports from the effects of the environment.

Overview of 1000 series unmanaged PoE switches



Transmission speed 10/100 Mbps
Power supply 18 … 57 V DC
Temperature range -40°C ... +75°C
Type of protection IP30
Electrical isolation -
Power over Ethernet power budget 30 W per port | 120 W per switch
Special features QoS, signal contact (link monitoring)
Approvals CE, UL