Bolt connection of the terminal blocks in detail

Bolt connection Bolt connection technology enables the easy connection of ring and fork-type cable lugs.

  • Convenient wiring of ring and fork-type cable lugs with guided and captive cap nut
  • High conductor pull-out forces and contact force for high durability
  • Large contact area and long-term stable conductor connection up to 300 mm²
  • Space-saving multi-conductor connection enables up to four cable lugs per bolt

The bolt connection in detail

The bolt connection was specifically developed to allow convenient wiring of ring and fork-type cable lugs. With the swiveling hinged cover of bolt terminals with a captive cap nut, ring cable lugs can be connected quickly and easily.

To do so, simply swivel open the hinged cover of the bolt terminal and attach the cable lug at the exposed threaded bolt. As soon as all the cable lugs have been attached, you can swivel the hinged cover back with ease. Now you can use the screwdriver to tighten the cap nut and the cable lugs are clamped. For a multi-conductor connection, note that with most bolt terminals, up to four cable lugs can be connected per bolt connection.

Our portfolio with bolt connection

Terminal block with bolt connection

RT 6 terminal block

Terminal blocks

The bolt connection enables the convenient wiring of ring and fork-type cable lugs. You can connect ring cable lugs quickly and easily via a swiveling hinged cover with captive cap nut.

High-current feed-through terminal blocks

High-current feed-through terminal blocks

In the case of high-current feed-through terminal blocks, the bolt connection is used on the inside of the device. The cable lugs are attached directly to the current bar with a screw and washer. The robust connection enables you to over-mold the terminals.