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The properties of SPE provide innovative added value for modern communication infrastructure. Find out how Verena Neuhaus, Guadalupe Chalas, and Tim Kindermann from our consulting team will work with you to develop individual solutions for Single Pair Ethernet, the key technology of digitalization.

SPE experts Verena Neuhaus, Guadalupe Chalas, and Tim Kindermann

Our consulting team

Phoenix Contact has focused on the potential of Single Pair Ethernet from an early stage. Our experts therefore have ample experience regarding the possible applications and requirements of SPE. They can offer you comprehensive and individual advice and solutions.

Verena Neuhaus, Manager Product Marketing in the Data Connectors division at Phoenix Contact

Verena Neuhaus Product Manager for Single Pair Ethernet at Phoenix Contact

“As Manager Product Marketing in the Data Connectors division, I know all about Single Pair Ethernet. My tasks at Phoenix Contact include the conceptual design of long-term product strategies as well as PR and marketing activities such as the implementation of technical reports or expert talks. Through my experience with SPE, I understand the importance of targeted advice right through to design-in support for our customers.”

Guadalupe Chalas, Product Marketing Specialist at Phoenix Contact USA

Guadalupe Chalas Product Marketing Specialist at Phoenix Contact USA

“I am responsible for sharing knowledge about Phoenix Contact’s Data portfolio, including our SPE products and services, both inside and outside the organization. Within the company, I raise awareness about our SPE solutions with training for our sales and marketing teams, as well as technical support when meeting with customers. I also keep our customers and partners informed about these topics in various ways, including technology briefings, webinars, and product recommendations for specific applications.”

Tim Kindermann, Product Manager for Single Pair Ethernet

Tim Kindermann Product Manager for Single Pair Ethernet

“Cross-departmental collaboration on SPE development projects, portfolio management, or individual services for our customers: as Product Manager and Board Member of the cross-company Single Pair Ethernet Alliance, I can contribute all my expertise on the topic of SPE to bring this technology further forward.”

Our knowledge about Single Pair Ethernet

Driving technology forward with the knowledge and experience of our experts

Watch the video to find out how our team is passionate about SPE technology and how they continue to develop it.
Single Pair Ethernet has become an indispensable part of modern industrial systems. Whether for ensuring the cost-effective and space-saving connection of sensors or meeting requirements for a standardized network infrastructure, we as a future-oriented company help define and drive SPE technology with our international expertise.

Verena Neuhaus (right) from Phoenix Contact talking to a customer

Your expert partner for SPE integration

There are many other areas in which IP-based networks with Single Pair Ethernet can be a useful addition or newly designed solutions can prove beneficial. In principle, any application where consistent and IP-based communication over a long range is required and space is limited is a potential candidate for this technology.

With our extensive experience, we are able to offer you innovative solutions. We are just as familiar with the various device interfaces as we are with the cabling of active network components – from sensors in the field to PCs in the office. The possibilities of this key technology are huge. Phoenix Contact provides you with the expertise, tools, and services to use Single Pair Ethernet in your field to meet the challenges of the future. Contact us if you are looking for a tailored solution.

An SPE M8 connector is connected to the sensor/actuator box

Versatile use with connections of up to 1,000 meters

Ethernet solutions, which have traditionally been used in different industries, usually require two pairs of wires. For Gigabit Ethernet and higher data transmission rates, there are even four wire pairs. Single Pair Ethernet, on the other hand, works with just one pair of wires and can transmit both data and power.

The transmission rates are sufficient, even for the most demanding tasks: 10 Mbps with a maximum transmission distance of 1,000 m up to 1 Gbps with a maximum distance of 40 m. SPE is therefore also suitable for areas of application that were previously affected by limitations in terms of data rates, range, and seamless communication.

One of the limitations of standard Ethernet solutions is the maximum distance of 100 m for a point-to-point connection. For longer distances, e.g., in industrial plants, repeaters or switches previously had to be installed – essentially failure-prone interfaces that involve maintenance effort. Single Pair Ethernet, on the other hand, enables devices to be connected via a single cable with, e.g., 10 Mbps and distances of up to 1,000 m, and Power over Data Line (PoDL) technology can be used as an option. This means that specific fieldbus technologies can also be replaced by SPE solutions. Our experts are ready to determine and implement the optimum configuration for you.

Single Pair Ethernet is revolutionizing Ethernet-based communication and offers many advantages with its low cabling effort, long distances, and high data transmission rates. For this reason, SPE is empowering the IIoT of tomorrow.

Tim Kindermann - Phoenix Contact, Product Manager Data Connectors/Field Device Connectors and Board Member of the Single Pair Ethernet Alliance
Tim Kindermann, Product Manager Data Connectors/Field Device Connectors and Board Member of the Single Pair Ethernet Alliance
Tim Kindermann, Product Manager at Phoenix Contact, with an SPE M8 connector

For seamless data communication: Speeds of up to 1 Gbps and above

Complex networks with gateways for connecting different systems can be set up consistently with Single Pair Ethernet and operated with uniform Ethernet services. With transmission speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps, SPE can meet the requirements of a wide variety of applications. In addition, the IEEE 802.3 consortia are currently discussing more advanced SPE standards for higher data rates with 10 Gbps and above for short distances (<15 m) and 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps for a distance of up to 300 m. These new standards broaden the spectrum of SPE to include further areas of application.

Industrial plants, for example, often used to have an Ethernet network as well as a large number of fieldbus systems at field level. With the advent of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), fieldbuses are increasingly being replaced by more efficient communication systems. A similar shift can be observed in any field that requires seamless communication between sensors and/or networks. For such applications, a seamless, secure data connection is critical. Contact our team to find the right innovative SPE solution for your company.

We help our customers with the transition to and design-in of SPE solutions in their devices and applications, thus facilitating the Internet of Things of tomorrow.

Tim Kindermann - Phoenix Contact , Product Manager Data Connectors/Field Device Connectors and Board Member of the Single Pair Ethernet Alliance
Tim Kindermann – Phoenix Contact, Product Manager Data Connectors/Field Device Connectors and Board Member of the Single Pair Ethernet Alliance
Verena Neuhaus, Product Manager for Single Pair Ethernet at Phoenix Contact, connecting an SPE M8 connector

Cost-effective factory automation and space-saving robots

An average factory already generates about one terabyte of data per day – and this trend is on the increase. Continuous communication is a prerequisite for the effective evaluation of such volumes of data. Here, Single Pair Ethernet can provide end-to-end networking from the sensor to the cloud. Also, in view of the growing number of sensors and intelligent end devices used in industrial applications, SPE offers the ideal cabling solution – it is simple, secure, compact, and cost-effective. When setting up infrastructure, SPE solutions will be much cheaper in future than the combinations of bus and Ethernet components that are common today.

Single Pair Ethernet also offers many advantages when using robots. With higher transmission rates than fieldbus systems, SPE enables reliable communication between the robot and control unit with increased sampling rates and larger volumes of data. In addition, the cabling is simpler as data and power are transmitted via a single path. The reduction of cables and interfaces results in fewer failures caused by fatigue, faster troubleshooting, and easier maintenance. Due to the smaller bending radius, SPE also allows the design of the robot handling system to be optimized. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the possible applications of SPE in industrial networks and automation.

Benefit from our experience in Single Pair Ethernet
Our experts are ready to answer any questions you have about Single Pair Ethernet. We have already been able to support numerous customers with products and individual solutions for a wide range of applications. Feel free to contact us.
Tim Kindermann, Verena Neuhaus, and Guadalupe Chalas: The SPE consulting team
Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance logo, an alliance of leading technology companies

The Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance

Phoenix Contact has come together with other leading technology companies to form the SPE System Alliance. The partner companies are bundling their Single Pair Ethernet expertise and ensuring the target-oriented exchange of this knowledge, and thus pursuing the common goal of promoting SPE technology for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and all other areas of application.

Connectors for Single Pair Ethernet

Connectors for Single Pair Ethernet

Would you like to find out more about Single Pair Ethernet? – Get an overview of our comprehensive portfolio of compact device and cable connectors, and delve deeper into the world of SPE technology.