Push-Lock connection of an M12 connector

Push-Lock connection Push-Lock connection technology provides you with an easy and secure tool-free conductor connection.

  • Tool-free connection of rigid and flexible conductors with and without ferrules
  • Intuitive conductor connection with color and numerical coding of the contact levers
  • Long-term stability, vibration-resistant PE connection and 360° shielding
  • High conductor pull-out forces with proven spring-cage technology
  • Easy conductor release without tools

The Push-Lock connection in detail

With the Push-Lock connection, you connect copper conductors of all types easily and tool-free through feather-light direct plug-in or by opening the levers.

Flexible conductors without ferrules or conductors with large cross-sections can be easily connected using the levers. The terminal point is completely opened by the colored lever and remains in this open position. The conductor connection is made by closing the lever. Wire rigid conductors and conductors with ferrules easily: through direct insertion. The contact point does not have to be opened first. Proven spring-cage technology guarantees a secure and vibration-resistant connection. To disconnect a connected conductor, the lever is moved to the open position and the terminal point is opened. The conductors can then be removed with ease. All metal parts of the connection are made from corrosion-resistant materials.

Our portfolio with Push-Lock connection

M12 connectors with Push-Lock connection

M12 connectors with Push-Lock connection

With M12 Push-Lock connectors, you do not need a screwdriver or a third hand for wiring signals, data, or power. Wire rigid and pretreated conductors easily and tool-free by means of direct plug-in.

To connect fine-stranded litz wires or conductors with larger cross-sections, and to disconnect already-connected conductors as well, simply open the terminal point using the lever. The contact holder is identified by its color and number. This simplifies the assignment of conductors and prevents connection errors. The firm and secure connection is guaranteed by a defined contact force with long-term stability.