Plug-in connection of the terminal block in detail

Plug-in connection The plug-in connection provides you with vibration-resistant connection technology for wiring pre-assembled cable harnesses quickly and easily.

  • Free selection of connection technology and complete flexibility with connectors for self-assembly
  • High-performance plug-in contact enables nominal currents up to 41 A and nominal voltages up to 1,000 V
  • High level of safety with the touch-proof connector design
  • Protection against mismatching with individual coding options
  • Vibration-resistant with optional latching accessories

The plug-in connection in detail

The plug-in connection enables the quick wiring and commissioning of your system. The technology consists of a plug-in zone on the product side and a matching plug with various connections. The plug is inserted by simply plugging it in and is released by simply pulling it out. For vibration resistance, there are suitable latching accessories and strain relief devices.

It is impossible to imagine the applications of today without plug-in solutions, whether in control cabinets or complete systems. COMBI technology enables a significant shortening and simplification of the manufacturing and commissioning processes. Using pre-assembled cable harnesses, this solution provides further potential for efficient automation in control cabinet building. With the different connector versions, the preferred connection technologies can be used during cable assembly. For example, they include the push-in connection, the crimp connection and the screw connection.

Our portfolio with plug-in connection

Terminal block with plug-in connection

Terminal block with plug-in connection

Terminal blocks

COMBI terminal blocks enable easy installation and commissioning. With pre-assembled cable harnesses, the connectors are simply plugged into the correct plug-in zones and the wiring is complete.

Terminal blocks with COMBI connection are designed for stringent and universal requirements. The COMBI terminal block connection is suitable for automated, semi-automated, and manual wiring.