SMS relay - TC MOBILE I/O X200-4G

SMS relay and signaling module, European version, monitor analog and digital values via cellular network, switch relay outputs remotely, communication via SMS or cellular network data connection (e-mail transmission, app), supply voltage 10 V ... 60 V DC


Product Details

The TC MOBILE I/O X200-4G compact electronic signaling system is the successor to the TC MOBILE I/O X200 (2903805) and PSI-MODEM-SMS-RELAY/6ADI/4DO/DC (2313520) SMS relays. The electronic signaling system monitors digital and analog values via the cellular network. It also switches relay outputs remotely. The device offers numerous helpful software functions, such as SMS message chain, SMS in the event of a voltage drop, sending logbooks via e-mail, and different user roles. A USB connection to a computer with a web browser is all that is needed for configuration.

Product type Signaling system
Application I/O
MTTF 674 Years (SN 29500 standard, temperature 25°C, operating cycle 21%)
324 Years (SN 29500 standard, temperature 40°C, operating cycle 34.25%)
130 Years (SN 29500 standard, temperature 40°C, operating cycle 100%)

Mains type Cellular communication
Supply voltage range 10 V DC ... 60 V DC
Typical current consumption 50 mA (24 V DC)
Max. current consumption 80 mA

Description of the input Digital input
Number of inputs 4
Switching threshold "0" signal in reference to UN ≤ 0.3
Switching threshold "1" signal in reference to UN ≥ 0.7
Description of the input Analog input
Number of inputs 2
Input signal Current or voltage
Resolution 15 bit
Input impedance 600 kΩ (Voltage inputs)
50 Ω (Current inputs)
Voltage input signal 0 V DC ... 60 V DC
Current input signal 0 mA ... 20 mA
4 mA ... 20 mA (configurable)
Precision ± 0.1 %

Output name Relay output
Number of outputs 4
Contact type N/O contact
Minimum switching voltage 100 mV
Maximum switching voltage 60 V DC
30 V AC
Limiting continuous current 6 A
Switching capacity 100 W (Power Source PS2, Pout ≤100 W)
Electrical service life 30000 cycles

Conductor cross section flexible, with ferrule without plastic sleeve 0.25 mm² ... 2.5 mm²
Conductor cross section, flexible, with ferrule, with plastic sleeve 0.25 mm² ... 2.5 mm²
Conductor cross section, flexible 0.20 mm² ... 2.50 mm²
Conductor cross section, rigid 0.20 mm² ... 2.50 mm²
Stripping length 6.5 mm
Torque 0.5 Nm ... 0.6 Nm (5-7 lbs-in, screw terminal blocks)

Basic functions SMS relay and signaling module
Data: USB 2.0
Connection method Mini-USB type B, 5-pos.
Transmission length ≤ 3 m (only for configuration and diagnostics)
Interface description GSM / GPRS / EDGE / LTE (FDD)
Frequency range 800 MHz (LTE B20)
1800 MHz (LTE B3)
2600 MHz (LTE B7)
900 MHz (2 W (EGSM))
1800 MHz (1 W (EGSM))
GPRS Multislot Class 33
EDGE Multislot Class 33

Basic functions SMS relay and signaling module

Width 72 mm
Height 90 mm
Depth 62 mm

Material Polycarbonate (Housing)

Ambient conditions
Degree of protection IP20
Ambient temperature (operation) -25 °C ... 70 °C (SMS mode only, note the derating information in the technical documentation for data connection)
Ambient temperature (storage/transport) -40 °C ... 85 °C
Altitude 2000 m
Permissible humidity (operation) 0 % ... 95 %

Designation CE
Certificate CE-compliant
Designation Wireless approval, Europe
Note RED 2014/53/EU
Designation UKCA
Certificate UKCA-compliant

Electromagnetic compatibility Conformance with RED Directive 2014/53/EU
Electrostatic discharge
Standards/regulations EN 61000-4-2
Electrostatic discharge
Contact discharge ± 6 kV
Discharge in air ± 8 kV
Indirect discharge ± 6 kV
Comments Criterion B
Electromagnetic HF field
Standards/regulations EN 61000-4-3
Electromagnetic HF field
Frequency range 26 MHz ... 6 GHz
Field intensity 10 V/m
Comments Criterion A
Fast transients (burst)
Standards/regulations EN 61000-4-4
Fast transients (burst)
Input ± 2 kV (Unshielded supply line)
Signal ± 2 kV (Shielded signal line)
± 2 kV (Analog I/O cables, unshielded)
Comments Criterion B
Surge current load (surge)
Standards/regulations EN 61000-4-5
Surge current load (surge)
Input ± 0.5 kV (Symmetrical, unshielded supply line)
± 0.5 kV (Asymmetrical, unshielded supply line)
Signal ± 1 kV (Data line, asymmetrical)
Comments Criterion B
Conducted interference
Standards/regulations EN 61000-4-6
Conducted interference
Frequency range 0.15 MHz ... 80 MHz
Comments Criterion A
Voltage 10 V
Emitted interference
Emitted radio interference in acc. with EN 55011 Class B, area of application: Industry and residential
Criterion A Normal operating behavior within the specified limits.
Criterion B Temporary impairment to operational behavior that is corrected by the device itself.

Standards/regulations EN 50360
Standards/regulations EN 50121-4

Mounting type DIN rail mounting

Item number 1038567
Packing unit 1 pc
Minimum order quantity 1 pc
Sales Key DNC423
Product Key DNC423
Catalog Page Page 403 (C-6-2019)
GTIN 4055626592046
Weight per Piece (including packing) 240.1 g
Weight per Piece (excluding packing) 240.1 g
Country of origin DE


ECLASS-9.0 27242608
ECLASS-10.0.1 27242608
ECLASS-11.0 27371216


ETIM 8.0 EC000225


UNSPSC 21.0 39122200

REACh SVHC Lead 7439-92-1
China RoHS Environmentally Friendly Use Period = 50 years
For information on hazardous substances, refer to the manufacturer’s declaration available under “Downloads”

Your advantages

Future-proof 4G technology (LTE CAT1), simultaneous use of well-established 2G networks (GSM, GPRS, EDGE)
Alerts via SMS in the field and, for example, via e-mail in the control room
Message chain for sending an alert to the relevant service technician
Alarm generation on voltage failure via SMS
Free switching via phone call
Cost control for prepaid cards
Remote commands to avoid on-site servicing: switching, configuration commands, and logbook transmission
Compact design also for domestic installations (4 HP, DIN 43880)
Mounting on DIN rail or on the wall