Person performing maintenance on pumps and motors

The solution for pump monitoring: Pump Monitor Comprehensive monitoring of pumps and systems

  • Reduction of maintenance costs through flexible maintenance intervals for the pumps and motors

  • Predictive maintenance by including mechanical, electrical, and hydrodynamic variables

  • Reduction of energy consumption by recording the system efficiency and analyzing the best-fit point

  • Increased system availability thanks to vibration monitoring and bearing image analysis

Pump Monitor control cabinet solution at the wastewater treatment plant in Constance, Germany

Ready-to-install Pump Monitor system control cabinet

Efficient pump monitoring at the Constance wastewater treatment plant

To maintain 24/7 operation, a total of four pumps are installed in the inlet pump station of the Constance wastewater treatment plant. To reduce costs and preserve the environment, the pump station not only has to be constantly available, it also has to be operated at a high level of energy efficiency. With Pump Monitor, the ready-to-install control cabinet solution from Phoenix Contact, those responsible for waste management in the city of Constance found a system that easily satisfies both requirements.

Pumps and motors

Optimizing the availability and efficiency of the pumps

Predictive maintenance Reducing energy consumption and wear

Pumps are known as the heart of a system, but they are also huge energy consumers and cause high maintenance costs. The reason for this often lies in poorly selected performance variables during the planning stage or in incorrect operating modes during operation. Sporadic readings of pump maintenance indicators do not give an adequate impression of the current condition of the system, as they are just snapshots of a long process of wear leading up to failure.
Predictive Maintenance describes the permanent monitoring of systems and assemblies via state-of-the-art sensors. Indications of wear are detected in good time and further damages and failures are avoided.

Digitalization is opening up new opportunities in both industrial and municipal water management for optimizing maintenance and energy management. Predictive Maintenance has established itself as a new approach to predictive maintenance.

Thomas Geiz - Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, Applications & Projects Infrastructure
Thomas Geiz

Pump monitor More efficiency and more control when performing maintenance on pumps and motors

By using pump monitors, system operators benefit from increased availability and save maintenance costs. The ready-to-install control cabinet solution for pump monitoring reduces energy costs and system wear at the same time. Bearing and machine vibrations are recorded by the integrated sensor module. Connection to a higher-level control system is standardized via PROFINET or OPC communication. Integration into the Resylive web portal or the IoT platform is easy.

Ready-to-use Pump Monitor control cabinet solution

Simple implementation of predictive maintenance with the ready-to-use Pump Monitor control cabinet solution

Pumps and motors

Detecting malfunctions before they actually occur

Optimized system availability Analysis of vibration patterns and bearing images

Monitoring all relevant measured parameters, whether mechanical, electrical or hydraulic, is essential for assessing the condition. The bearing and machine vibrations are important parameters. They are recorded by high-resolution sensors on the machine and monitored and pre-evaluated by an integrated sensor module. Monitoring the relevant values makes it possible to detect the onset of damage at an early stage, from cavitation to initial deterioration of the bearing.

Three pillars of system operation

Comprehensive evaluation of the system status by including mechanical, electrical, and hydrodynamic variables

Water engineering plant with pumps and motors

Consideration of energy-efficient plant operation

Reduced energy consumption System efficiency of the pump and drive motor at a glance

Knowing the best-fit point, the ideal operating point of a pump in the overall pumping station system, and constantly monitoring it for changes due to factors such as wear helps you achieve energy-efficient operation.

Pump Monitor shows you the actual energy savings potential of your system. Our solution determines the optimal system efficiency and provides a best fit point analysis. All relevant values are displayed to the user as a clear traffic light indicator and absolute numbers. As soon as a change occurs, the expanded view shows what the reason for it is.

Bar chart Energy savings potential of pumps

Energy savings potential of pumps

Pump Monitor dashboard

Access to all important data from anywhere in the world

Life cycle management Cloud integration of the solution

By integrating Pump Monitor into the IoT platform, you have access to your data at all times, and from anywhere in the world. Intelligent networking opens up further options to you for analyzing your variables. With Pump Monitor, you can manage all aspects of the lifecycle of your system.

Web visualization of the current system status

Web visualization of the current system status

Predictive pump maintenance Online status and efficiency monitoring

Monitor the status of your pumps and motors from anywhere, at any time with Pump Monitor. The solution for pump monitoring saves time and personnel costs, because plant inspections are no longer necessary. Thanks to the online connection to your higher-level control system and an integrated web visualization, you can see the status of your plant at a glance.

An intelligent signal light function makes it fast and easy to see what is going on. If there is a malfunction, you can react immediately from a distance and instantly counteract any possible wear or failure.