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Japan develops app for the transparency of carbon emissions

Insight into the personal and daily carbon footprint.
Japanese colleagues as participants in the CO₂ Challenge

Project goal

In order to reduce the carbon emissions of our daily lives, the Japanese subsidiary has developed an app that records daily climate-friendly actions and makes them comparable with other employees.


  • Internal survey
  • App development by external provider
  • Setting up a Teams channel
  • Real meetings to exchange ideas and measures


employee participation

Screenshot of CO₂ Challenge app from Japan

Working on sustainable measures across the country

The realization of the SDGs often fails not due to a lack of understanding of their necessity, but due to the assumption that they are not relevant to daily processes. However, because their own contribution and the successes achieved together became clearly visible, the Japanese employees quickly identified with this project.

Specifically, the following happened: employees of the sales subsidiary, including 10 branches, the sales center, and the head office, are networked with each other via an app and work together to record sustainable measures. There are 16 simple climate-friendly actions to be recorded daily, such as saving energy by not using elevators, and recycling PET bottles and paper packaging. This data is visualized so that everyone can observe it and measure themselves against others.

A total of 89% (176 people) of employees took part in these campaigns during the five-month competition period. All five teams reduced more than 600 kg of carbon dioxide by changing their daily actions, resulting in a total of 7,270 kg of carbon dioxide for the entire Japanese subsidiary.

A Teams channel is used for participants to exchange ideas. During two meetings with all teams, participants shared what they had achieved so far and high scorers passed on their tips for reducing carbon emissions. Team leaders encouraged their members to communicate their actions via chat, email, and in person. The app displays real-time competition data so that everyone can access it at any time and stay motivated.

Image for sustainability development goal number 13
Climate action

Changing everyday habits

The carbon dioxide savings in just five months as a result of the challenge shows our employees’ passion for a sustainable future.

Yoshiyuki Aoki - Phoenix Contact K.K. (Japan), General Manager

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