Sensor/actuator connectors

Sensor/actuator connectors

You can wire different cable lengths flexibly on site with our sensor/actuator connectors for assembly. The wide range of connection technologies enables fast and reliable connection. Customize your cabling according to your specific requirements using adapters and distributors. From snap-in and M8 to M12, we offer a wide range of wiring versions and designs.

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Your advantages

  • Wide product range allows for flexible cabling designs
  • Fast and reliable connection of electric cables
  • Save space with high-position connectors
  • Safe use in the field with a high degree of protection

Sensor/actuator connectors Always the best connection technology

Cabling sensors and actuators in an industrial environment requires the reliable and fast connection of electric cables. With our connectors designed for assembly, we provide all the appropriate connection technologies for your application in an M12 design.

  • Push-in connection
  • QUICKON (IDC) displacement connection
  • Crimp connection
  • Pierce connection
  • Screw connection
    Shielded sensor/actuator connectors are available for more stringent requirements.
Connectors designed for assembly for the best connection technology
Connectors designed for assembly YouTube
Flexible cabling with distributors and adapters

Distributors and adapters

Flexible cabling with distributors and adapters

Maximum range of options for distributing signals or adapting different interfaces.

  • Potential savings by distributing and bundling signals
  • Space-saving cabling with high-position versions
  • Shielded distributors with 360° shielding for reliable signal transmission and distribution
  • Flexible integration of new devices using adapters and distributors
  • Fewer interfaces by using distributors with a molded cable
  • Customer-specific distributors with custom cable lengths available on request