Sensor/actuator connectors

Sensor/actuator connectors

You can wire different cable lengths flexibly on site with our sensor/actuator connectors for assembly. The wide range of connection technologies enables fast and reliable connection. Customize your cabling according to your specific requirements using adapters and distributors. From snap-in and M8 to M12, we offer a wide range of wiring versions and designs.

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Your advantages

  • Wide product range allows for flexible cabling designs
  • Fast and reliable connection of electric cables
  • Save space with high-position connectors
  • Safe use in the field with a high degree of protection

Sensor/actuator connectors Always the best connection technology

Cabling sensors and actuators in an industrial environment requires the reliable and fast connection of electric cables. With our connectors designed for assembly, we provide all the appropriate connection technologies for your application in an M12 design.

  • Push-in connection
  • QUICKON (IDC) displacement connection
  • Crimp connection
  • Pierce connection
  • Screw connection
    Shielded sensor/actuator connectors are available for more stringent requirements.
Connectors designed for assembly for the best connection technology
Connectors designed for assembly YouTube

Connection technologies at a glance

Push-Lock connection on an M12 Push-Lock connector
Insulation displacement connection
Crimp connection
Pierce connection
Screw connection
Push-Lock connection on an M12 Push-Lock connector

With M12 Push-Lock connectors, you do not need a screwdriver or a third hand for wiring signals, data, and power. Wire rigid and pretreated conductors easily and tool-free by means of direct insertion. To connect fine-stranded litz wires or conductors with larger cross-sections, as well as to disconnect already-connected conductors, simply open the terminal point using the lever. The contact holder is identified by its color and number. This simplifies the assignment of conductors and avoids connection errors. The firm and secure connection is guaranteed by a defined contact force that has long-term stability.

Insulation displacement connection

The QUICKON insulation displacement connection is the fastest connection for connectors designed for assembly. It is equipped with an IDC insulation displacement contact. With this connection method, untreated conductors including insulation are positioned in the connector. When the compression nut on the connector is tightened, the cutting contact displaces the conductor insulation and makes a spring-forced, vibration-resistant, and gas-tight contact with the conductor.

Crimp connection

The crimp connection requires little space and is cost-effective in series production. Crimp connection technology allows fast, automated connection wherever cables have to be assembled in large volumes. The extremely compact connector designed for assembly is suitable for railway applications.

Pierce connection

Connectors designed for assembly with pierce connection impress with their compact, yet high-position design. The contact is made via a contact pin, which pierces the single-core wires axially.

Screw connection

The screw connection is one of the classic connection technology solutions. An important characteristic is the maintenance-free conductor contact. It is not necessary to retighten the connection screw. All types of copper conductors can be clamped without any pretreatment, thereby making gas-tight and permanent contact.

Flexible cabling with distributors and adapters

Distributors and adapters

Flexible cabling with distributors and adapters

Maximum range of options for distributing signals or adapting different interfaces.

  • Potential savings by distributing and bundling signals
  • Space-saving cabling with high-position versions
  • Shielded distributors with 360° shielding for reliable signal transmission and distribution
  • Flexible integration of new devices using adapters and distributors
  • Fewer interfaces by using distributors with a molded cable
  • Customer-specific distributors with custom cable lengths available on request
Connectors and cables for signals, data, and power

Connectors and cables for signals, data, and power

Configurator for cables

Configure your cable connection for signal, data, and power transmission in IP6x environments or for control cabinet applications. Freely selectable cable lengths and cable ends allow customized cable assemblies.

New products from connection technology, automation technology, and e-mobility

New products for connection and automation technology The nervous system of your industrial systems

Our products are a part of the nervous system of your industrial system and help you design more efficient processes and reduce costs. Discover the advantages of our new products from the following areas:

  • Terminal blocks, industrial connectors, and sensor/actuator cabling
  • Marking systems, tools, and mounting material
  • Surge protection and power supplies
  • Charging technology for e-mobility
  • Interface technology and switching devices
  • Control technology, I/O systems, and automation infrastructure