Monitoring relays and current monitors – The inexpensive solution for monitoring key system parameters

Monitoring relays and current relays

Monitoring relays are an inexpensive solution for monitoring important electrical and physical system parameters. EMD monitoring relays can be used to monitor overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, undercurrent, phase failure, phase sequence, phase asymmetry, power factor, active power, motor winding temperature, and fill levels. The current relay detects and monitors sinusoidal alternating currents in the frequency range from 45 to 65 Hz.

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Compact monitoring relays with Push-in connection technology

Compact monitoring relays – quick and tool-free wiring

Compact monitoring relays: Ideal for series production

Ideal for series production: the EMD-BL compact monitoring relays are a price-optimized solution for numerous monitoring functions. Use the compact monitoring relays to monitor important system parameters in your application. Detect critical errors at an early stage, report them, and shut down system parts selectively.

Your advantages with our compact monitoring relays

  • Compact housing in the installation design saves a lot of space
  • Quick and tool-free wiring with Push-in Technology
  • Easy handling: parameters can be conveniently set using rotary switches on the front of the housing
  • Quick installation of voltage and phase monitoring relays with supply from the measuring circuit
  • Compact monitoring relays are part of the COMPLETE line system
Multifunctional monitoring relays

Multifunctional monitoring relays: extremely versatile

Extremely versatile: Multifunctional monitoring relays

Use the EMD series to monitor electrical as well as physical system parameters. The multifunctional monitoring relays offer a wide range of monitoring functions. In addition, extended setting options and variable supply voltage ranges make the devices particularly versatile.

Your advantages with our multifunctional monitoring relays

  • Worldwide use with the wide range power supply unit or plug-in transformer
  • Easy handling: parameters can be conveniently set using the rotary switch on the front of the housing
  • Space saving, with two changeover contact outputs in 22.5 mm wide housing
  • Clear diagnostics with color status LEDs
  • Fast error detection due to fine tuning and short response times
  • Safe operation with electrically isolated measuring and supply circuits
Current relays

Current relays: current values at a glance

Current relays

The current relay converts sinusoidal 50 Hz/60 Hz alternating currents into binary switching signals. Current detection takes place inductively via the conductor led through the module. The switching thresholds are set roughly via internal DIP switches, with fine adjustment performed using a potentiometer on the front. A high-quality changeover contact relay with a gold layer is located on the output side. It can be operated in both open and closed circuit current behavior.

Your advantages with the current relay

  • Adjustable switching hysteresis
  • Relay changeover contact output
  • 3-way isolation
  • Adjustable open and closed circuit current behavior
  • Switching point can be freely selected in the measuring range from 0 to 16 A AC