MACX MCR-T-UI-UP - Temperature measuring transducer

Freely programmable temperature transducer with analog output and 1 limit value relay, standard configuration, resistance thermometer in 2-, 3-, or 4-conductor technology, thermocouples, electrical isolation, wide-range power supply, screw connection, SIL, PL.

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Cold junction compensation with separate plug
Configuration via software (FDT/DTM) or IFS-OP-UNIT operator interface and display unit
Up to SIL 2 in accordance with EN 61508
Installation in zone 2, protection type "n" (EN 60079-15) permitted
Programming during operation and also voltage-free using IFS-USB-PROG-ADAPTER programming adapter
Plug-in screw or spring-cage connection technology (Push-in technology)
Freely programmable input and output
Input for resistance thermometers, thermocouples, resistance-type sensors, potentiometers, and mV sources
Measure differential temperatures
Relay switching output
Inverse output signal ranges as an option