TESTFOX M-1 - Multimeter

Digital multimeter, for DC and AC voltage measurements, DC and AC measurements, and feed-through, resistance, frequency, temperature, and capacitance measurements

Product details

Your advantages

TESTFOX M‑1 can also be used to measure DC and AC currents, capacitance, and frequencies, as well as temperatures within the range of -20°C to +800°C
Phase voltages can be detected precisely thanks to the audible and red light signals
Cable breaks and faulty lamps in exposed cables can be traced from the phase feed side right to the point of interruption
Suitable for measuring AC voltages and resistance as well as testing continuity and diodes
Independently tested and approved according to applicable IEC/EN 61010 standards by the certification institute
The devices can be used for voltages of up to 600 V category III or 1000 V category II
They provide professional service engineers and operating engineers with a higher level of protection, thereby ensuring maximum safety during work
Digital multimeters offer remarkable technology and impressive quality
The devices are extremely versatile