AXL F BK EC - Bus coupler

Axioline F, Bus coupler, EtherCAT®, RJ45 jack, transmission speed in the local bus: 100 Mbps, degree of protection: IP20, including bus base module and Axioline F connector

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2 Ethernet ports (with integrated switch)
Rotary encoding switch
Automatic addressing
Station mapped as a modular EtherCAT® device using a modular device profile (MDP)
Station can be mapped as a block device
Acyclic data communication (mailbox protocols)
Cyclic data communication
Firmware can be updated
Typical cycle time of the Axioline F local bus is around 10 μs
Runtime in bus coupler is negligible (almost 0 µs)
Supports the operation of Axioline Smart Elements
Supports passive Smart Elements (firmware version 1.30 or later)
Supports IOL-CONF (firmware version 1.30 and later)