Particular attention is paid to the following four aspects:

High chemical resistance

1. High chemical resistance

To ensure the highest hygienic standards, the production equipment is cleaned several times a day. The use of the aggressive cleaning agents requires a high resistance of the marking materials as well as the lettering.

Visual identifiability

2. Visual identifiability

For quick recognition, the food industry is increasingly relying on blue labelling. Since the colour rarely occurs in natural form, it stands out particularly well and is instinctively perceived quickly.


3. Detectability

Food is subject to the highest quality and safety requirements, making final inspections indispensable. To ensure that even fragments of a marking material
can be detected in the metal detector in case of doubt, the use of detectable marking materials is recommended.

Optimum adhesion

4. Optimum adhesion

Structured surfaces of equipment and systems often make optimum label adhesion difficult. If the labels are also exposed to mechanical stresses caused by cleaning processes, an additional protective laminate is required in addition to the appropriate adhesive system.

Marking for Food and Beverage Industry

List of marking material and suitable printers

Topmark NEO


Order number

Wire marking
UC-WMTBA (24x5)/PP x 1199627
UC-WMTBA (29x8)/PP YE x 1199639
UC-WMTBA (29x8)/PP BU x 1199635
UC-WMTBA-D (24x5)/PP x 1312764
UC-WMTBA-D (29x8)/PP YE x 1312768
UC-WMTBA-D (29x8)/PP LBU x 1199650
LS-WMTB-V4A (29x8) x 0831516
LS-WMTB-V4A (40x15) x 0831517
WMTB HF-D (30x10)R BU x 1255591
WMTB HF-D (40x12)R BU x 1255595
Equipment marking
EML-LPR-D (100x73)R SR x 1255582
EML-LPR-D (100X73)R YE x 1255583
EML-LPR-D (85,6x54)R RD x 1255581
EML-D (20x8)R x 1182298
EML-D (40x15)R x 1054876
EML-D (60x30)R SR x 1054879
LS-EMLP-V4A (60X30) x 0803991
LS-EMSP-V4A (50X15) x 0831654