SPE switch

Managed SPE switches Consistent Ethernet communication from control level to field level

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) enables consistent IP-based communication from the sensor to the cloud. Ethernet data is transmitted via a single pair of wires. This ensures the space-saving and easy connection of sensors and actuators from the field level. In addition to data transmission, the two-wire installation can also be used for simultaneous power supply to the end devices via PoDL – Power over Data Line.

With the managed SPE switches from Phoenix Contact, you can integrate modern sensors with a single pair Ethernet interface into the existing Ethernet network. This allows you to provide direct access to data from the field level.

Your advantages:

  • Long distances up to 1000 m with SPE standard 10 BASE-T1L
  • Subsystems or gateways are no longer needed, complexity is reduced
  • Simple and space-saving installation with data transmission and power supply via a single pair of wires
  • Universal use with all Ethernet and IP-based protocols
  • In addition to the SPE functionalities, the managed switch has the proven FL SWITCH 2300 features

Single Pair Ethernet technology Direct integration of sensors and field devices

Single Pair Ethernet technology enables Ethernet-based data transmission via a single pair of wires. This enables the connection of sensors and actuators from the field level, without additional gateways or subsystems. On the same pair of wires, the sensors and actuators are supplied with power via Power over Data Line (PoDL). This state-of-the-art transmission technology ensures space-saving and cost-effective Ethernet communication from the sensor to the cloud.

Product features

Interactive image map: Managed SPE switches product features
Power supply
In addition to data transmission via Ethernet, SPE technology also enables the simultaneous power supply of end devices. Installation effort and the space required for field cabling is minimized because the devices are supplied using the same pair of wires. With the Power over Data Line (PoDL), an effective output of up to 50 W can be transmitted. With PoDL Class 11, the managed SPE switch is in the 24 V performance class. Sensors or field devices are supplied with up to 3.2 W.
SPE-Standard 10 BASE-T1L
Long distances are possible with the SPE standard 10 BASE-T1L. The standard defines data cabling with a single pair of wires and a transmission distance of up to 1000 m. The managed SPE switch allows the connection of SPE devices with 10 BASE-T1L standard on eight SPE ports. This makes long distances possible without additional fieldbus systems.
Proven and future-proof in one device
The managed Single Pair Ethernet switch features proven functions. In addition to the SPE features, the SPE switch supports all functions of the familiar FL SWITCH 2300 series. For example, the switch has extensive redundancy and security features for implementing future-proof networks.
Topology of a factory

Future-proof and compact: Single Pair Ethernet in factory automation


The FL SWITCH 2303-8SP1 managed switch is ideal for an array of digitalization applications in building, factory, and process automation, and also for infrastructure (traffic, water/wastewater). The new single pair Ethernet technology can be integrated easily into an existing Ethernet infrastructure.

The managed SPE switches form the basis for a future-proof single pair Ethernet solution. Intelligent sensors can be integrated in a resource-saving and cost-effective manner. This eliminates the need for complex gateways and subsystems. The data from the field level is connected continuously to the Internet and the cloud.

Product overview

Overview of the FL Switch 2303-8SP1:


Managed SPE switch
SPE ports 8x 10 BASE-T1L
RJ45 copper ports 3x 100/ 1000 BASE-TX
SPE device supply Optionally via PoDL (Power over Data Line)
PoDL power class 24 V DC Power Class 11 (IEEE 802.3 cg)
Supply voltage 18 V DC … 32 V DC
Managed features Real-time QoS, redundancy, and security features
Management interface Web, SNMP, CLI, Profinet device
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