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PLCnext and the Digital Factory

ProfessorNext was on location again at the Smart Manufacturing and Engineering Show demonstrating how PLCnext can help increase productivity, enhance sustainability and strengthen data security in your digital factory.

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ProfessorNext on location

Join ProfessorNext at the All Energy show in Glasgow where he explains a little more about how PLCnext Technology can assist with your Power to X journey.

What is PLCnext Engineer?

ProfessorNext explains how PLCnext Engineer programming software saves you time and money when commissoning your PLCnext Control.

The evolution of the PLC

ProfessorNext explains the evolution of the PLC and how this has influenced PLCnext Technology.

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ProfessorNext has already introduced PLCnext but as a system developer, you may be wondering how can this help you or your customers? Or as an end user, how can PLCnext be implemented to improve your processes or systems.

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What is PLCnext?

Andrew Ellis, AKA ProfessorNext, introduces the basics of PLCnext Technology touching on some of the themes of episodes to come.

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