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Example of room automation
Example of room digitalization with an intelligent lighting concept

Integral room automation and an intelligent lighting concept provide a personal sense of well-being

Room digitalization and intelligent lighting Much more than just switching a light on or off

Light, temperature, and humidity have a significant influence on our personal well-being, and our sensitivity to these factors differs depending on our age, habits, and health. For example, a gray rainy day can affect a person’s mood, bright light can cause headaches, and if the air is too cold or too warm it can cause real discomfort.

In buildings, where we all spend a good portion of our private and professional lives, our personal sensitivity determines whether light and room climate factors such as temperature or humidity will create feelings of comfort or discomfort and will affect productivity and performance.

Example of intelligent lighting and shading with blinds

Intelligent lighting and shading provide an excellent working environment

Our Emalytics solution supports you in identifying and meeting the requirements in the building based on room use and user behavior. User behavior should be factored into room automation to ensure long-term productivity and to reduce service costs. With our IoT-based Emalytics building management system, we provide you with the technological foundations to customize your room digitalization.

Lighting, heating/cooling, ventilation, humidification, blinds, as well as all of the external influencing factors, such as the outdoor temperature, sunshine, use, and user activity, are all combined by means of integral room automation to create an open room automation concept. This results in more energy-efficient operation of rooms and maximum user comfort.

With Emalytics, there is no limit to the functions your building can perform. You can always adapt it to any changes in use. The building can be updated and upgraded during operation, which means that it can be adapted at any time.

The room automation library at a glance

Optimum connection to communication drivers

  • Conventional
  • KNX
  • Modbus
  • BACnet
  • DALI (1/2)

Block for light

  • Impulse
  • Stairway lighting
  • Dimming
  • Daylight control
  • Constant light control

Block for shading

  • Local and central operation
  • Easy integration of automatic controls; controls can be prioritized
  • Local and central automatic controls
  • Shading correction
  • Communication: Conventional SMI

Block for single room control

  • Room temperature, dew point monitor, and window contact are taken into consideration
  • Heating and air conditioning controller in one block
  • Outputs as a control value (0–100%) and as a PWM signal
  • Communication: Conventional and communicative

Seven good reasons to choose intelligently networked lighting

  • Increased user comfort with personal customization of room parameters
  • Optimization of energy consumption with smart control strategies
  • Increased safety in the building with easy integration of alarm scenarios, e.g., for fire safety and other safety technology
  • Detection of invalid values and their exclusion from further calculations
  • Easy adaptation of the lighting in the event that the use of the room changes
  • Lighting can be controlled via switch, laptop, or cell phone depending on the application
  • Integration of multimedia applications for needs-based lighting, depending on room use, daylight, and the time of year
Controlling the Emalytics building management system via a tablet

Emalytics building management system

Emalytics building management system The technological foundations for your Smart Building

Whether new buildings or the efficient integration of existing systems: Digitalize your buildings with our IoT-based Emalytics building management system and benefit from efficient engineering and a single system for all applications.